It is not who will have to live under the policy of UBI but rather who is exempt.

I have watched Hartford fail(bankrupt)and now Chicago. Chicago may become the largest city in the USA to try UBI.

If UBI is good enough for your middle worker/average families it should be good enough for our politicians.

Any politician pushing for UBI they themselves should have to live under, their kids and spouses should be handed a basic monthly income also. No exemptions..

No more handing down laws that our leaders are exempt from.



2 thoughts on “UBI

  1. What other than chanting “four legs good, two legs bad” can spring to mind when considering what this is really about. Marxism is not workable.

    All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. From everyone according to their contribution, to everyone according to their needs. None of this is workable.

    Freedom has a cost. The haves will always have. The have nots will never have freedom.

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