Rooted within

I have seen lies in truth

and truth in lies,

none are free from the roots of dualities human nature.


4 thoughts on “Rooted within

  1. The presumption here is that Truth is a human construct. to be manipulated for gain. Truth has no equivalence in deception, What is true remains true. Truth requires no proof. It is truthful, therefore exclusively true.
    The nature of humanity is the nub of the piece in my view. This is where to true value in the writing exists. This is where the observation of human frailty is so excellently state.
    There are instances where the in order to gain advantage over another, untruths are presented as truth. This in itself is not derogatory of truth. Truth is not erodible.
    If I say I love you, but in reality I do not., nowhere is there an element of truth in my words. Truth remain untainted, the fact is it is absent from the relationship. An untruth has been deployed in order to deceive. Likewise an untruth used in reverse remains untrue. In this case there may be other motives not deceptions.
    However the very fact that humankind is capable of using untruths is where the hurtful act is most damaging to relationships.
    It is the outcome of such acts which is the message delivered in this piece.
    That fact is undeniable.

    This work is valuable and is the sole reason I have made my view known to you.

    Please accept it as it is intended. I endorse the message wholeheartedly.

    Regards and Respect to you

    Chris T

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