If silence fell

If silence fell,

would hear the sound melt into stone?

If silence moved,

would you feel the breath upon your soul?

Silence is always there

draped on towers of steel

surrounding you

pressed upon your skin through a stranger on the subway,

spoken through the eyes of passerby on the busy streets of


the pulse of a basketball hitting concrete and the child alone staring through linked chain,

no one knows his name,

you hurriedly shake your head and glance to read through the text one more time,

you hit send forgetting,

heard through iPads as the wander straggles through the coffee shop, sits near you with headphones dangling,

a million voices pierce through earpiece,

annoyed you stagger off


again you’ve missed the point

lessons to be told,

you no longer hear

you no longer feel

you no longer communicate with the fall of silence

busily moving along streets of cobbled stone.


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