Self inflicted wars

Even if there is justice,

there will be no peace.

If every war were to stop,

there will be no peace.

Is it the justice and war that is wrong or the wickedness of men/women.

All seek the spoils of justice and war,

none are exempt.

Does not peace and justice require some type or war? Peace and justice are fought for through wars.

The problem is us, we do not know the righteous wars or justice and so here we stand

in a constant state of chaos

driving each other into schizophrenic self inflicted wars.


4 thoughts on “Self inflicted wars

  1. Where in the world did that drawing come from? Thanks for sharing that. It’s wonderful and your words as well. I guess there’s no telling how many sacrifices we have to make before war ends or maybe war is hardwired into our existence, into nature, the way animals kill and plants burst through soil…clouds collide – thunder, tectonic plates, tornadoes.

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    1. Thank you Steve, I saw this picture on one my friends pages. Love this picture, poetic all by itself.
      My thoughts, all things seem to require some type of war. Maybe the way we use war, not so much for justice but for some type of gains(spoils of war).
      Even if we had justice would human nature allow that to be enough or would we war for more? Those are the questions this picture pulls out of me.

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      1. Well, I don’t know much about economics, but apparently a good old war does wonders for a country’s financial concerns. Kind of sad if you ask me. I’d like it if humanity went more the way of that Indian sect whose name I can’t remember. They don’t like to move too much out of fear of harming living things, bugs and what not too. Then again, maybe the peaceful types and warring tribes enjoy some sort of what’s the word…symbiosis? Good food for thought. Thanks. You got me thinking Bethtrem. By the way, do you have the link to your friend’s website where you first saw this picture?

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        1. I do agree, unfortunately war is good for a country’s financial woes. Sad…
          She’s on Facebook but doesn’t have a link. I will check though but last I knew no links…thank you again


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