Becoming wonderland

Becoming wonderland

“I had opened perceptions door and beheld Americas new wonderland.”

If what we see or hear is perception,

is any knowledge gained factual?

If battles are waged on perceptions, is any fight a true one?

If what we feel is a mere perception, is any emotion a valid one?

If a man/woman living stains the lives of others,

waving an unrighteous banner of ills,

and we upon death pour forth a perception of sainthood,

are we not just calling evil good and setting a new standard of deceptions by burying truth?

If a fact/truth is a bittersweet pill

wouldn’t perception be the remedy?

Is not perception a door to close on truth/facts that we be able to go on living in a world that is not real?

Is not perception a way to appease the narcissistic nature of men/women?

Who could be wrong if all is how you perceive it to be?

Clean the walls of perception,

you and I would be having very different conversations.

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