Americas poisoned apple

Americas poisoned apple.

Cowards are spoken of as brave.

Neon gods are worshiped and bowed to.

Demons hailed as heroes and saints.

Terrorists are now keepers of the gate for a new world and awarded with symbols of good works.

Pedophiles are sympathized with.

Nobel peace prizes are handed out to men/women in suits who extract resources from people aboard and the people of America.

The kardashians made of plastic and lace idolized for talent.

Gender is how you feel and men have turned themselves into thieves of women.

God is self, self is worshipped and adorned with gold and silver, all is being sacrificed to desires of the flesh.

Bathrooms have become the main concern and confusion.

The new liberal sees fascism in every party but their own, labels handed out like tickets for anyone who thinks and speaks contrary.

Google is the new historian.

Lies are the new truth.

Big homes, positive thinking only, hefty bank accounts, and shiny things the new God into whom many have misplaced their faith.

Emotions the new facts.

Main stream, local medias and politicians the new drug pusher.

Activism has turned men and women into narcissists. Activists bought and sold for an hourly wage of $15. No facts needed only the ability to throw many into emotional tailspins.

Healthcare the for profit industry hands out jewels of pills worn around the neck and wrists, extracting resources from the ill and fragile.

All of this began years ago

with a simply seed planted and watered by,



talk shows


Name it claim pastors



Media both local and main stream

Politicians both left and right.


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