When it pays off

I had submitted a piece to new England’s underground writers association. Just heard back this morning(see below).

The piece called “not all but most” will be published in a paper back book for sale through New England..

This would be my first published piece in form of a book..


The battle of Facebook

I had posted this to my writing page.

There is an option to boost for as little as $3 and up. The boost allows for more views and to spark conversations.

I will post the pictures here on WordPress to show the content of what I wrote and the video I posted.

I’m not sure if anyone can access the link below but that will show the antifa marching and chanting, “no borders, no walls, no USA at all.”

Being told boost is unavailable because it goes against fb standards.

And this is life

The youth will wish to age, the aged will wish for youth once again.

In every setting sun there is a sun rising.

In every storm calm is present, in every calm a storm rages.

The blind will see more of life, then those with sight less.

Hope has lead many to despair, despair has lead many to hope.

Tragedy has birthed redemption what redeems calamity.

Times of loneliness can feel most crowded, and crowded most alone.

A single drop of rain has quenched the thirst of those parched, a downpour has left many with dry tongues.

In every living person death exists, in every dying person life grows.

The most genuine prayer offered to the heavens, rises from the hell within an ailing body.

And this is life….repeat

Life of barren land

“The most of life lay within a land barren, her wisdoms and lessons eternal.”

Pull back the layer of a dry land,

what is most beautiful

of most vibrant color

of great life and lessons

Is found in barren.

A land barren no longer thirsts for the things of this world,

the soul dried from worldly consumption now thirst for waters men/women can longer give.

Men/women perish here

from hunger

from thirst,

seeking perishable foods and waters

temporary in nature,

only for the moment

many are left dry from the market places,

allowing the body to wither

aging from constant drought

for she is of flesh and bone,

unable to carry ageless.

Be careful what you wish for

“Every wish is a dream, every dream becomes a nightmare.”

Be careful what you wish for.

Every wish is a dream

dreams can become nightmares.

Be careful what you fight for.

Every fight appears in the thoughts to be righteous,

thoughts can become an oppressive madness without reason and logic.

Be careful to whom you bow.

Every bow has brought chains for the masses and freedom for the few.

Be careful about comparing hardships.

Every hardship is a struggle that mimics a fallen state, every fallen state carries a weight of oppression and not every oppression is the same nor should it be.

If we washed the walls of perception

the writings would be unadulterated truth about us all and none more free,

none more honest

none more virtuous

none more accurate

none more human

none more violent

none more vengeful

then the next.

Every chain carries a different link,

thirst for recompense will hide it self in links of gold

a hunger for dominance within links of bronze

greed will hide within colored links of silver,

all will meet the same desired end,

all will have their day of reckoning

all will be held accountable

before the seat of moralities judgment.

Be careful of what you wish for.

Used for power and politics

This isn’t about illegal or legal immigrants,

this is about power and politics.

This isn’t about the working poor, this is about power and politics.

This isn’t about the black, brown and white communities,

this is about power and politics.

This isn’t about a god or no god,

this is about power and politics.

This isn’t about the children, this is about power and politics.

This isn’t about capitalism and socialism,

this is about power and politics.

This isn’t about racism,

this is about power and politics.

There is no such thing as free,

everyone and everything has a price.

Stop being sold for a group of people that could care less about you.

Stop hating people who you no nothing about.

As we fight and battle the past,

a past none of us had any control over,

none of us partook in,

a whole new world is forming.

We as a people have been




to and for power and politics.

The new opiate

“The greatest sounds are lost in noise.”


humanities new opiate.

Surrounded by constant distractions

many can no longer hear the fall of silence.

Men/women fear what is quite,

dreading a place of no interference or assistance from without.

It is here at this place,

silence desires to womb the soul of the tattered and give regeneration.

A rebirth,

the heart torn from a love lost filled with bitterness


the mind ill from being treated coarsely filled with vengeance bathed in understanding and peace.