Spartacus wannabes

Bull*** I am Spartacus wannabes…

This is supposed to be about we the people

not we the ruling classes.

This isn’t about doing what’s right but has become about taking any issue trending and using that to sway for votes and power.

This is about regaining power, gaining the majority in the house so one party can rule over the other.

Both political parties are looking for their “I am Spartacus” moments, using the accused and the accuser.

Gropers speaking out against the accused…really?!

All the sudden everyone gives a crap about corruption, corruption both parties have lived off of for years and both have created.

All the sudden everyone gives a crap about sexual assault/abuse within powerful circles and yet every single one of them have swept years of abuse under the rug but now everyone wants to be Spartacus and speak out against abuse.

All of the sudden everyone gives a crap about the corruption and injustice that has destroyed the lives of many Americans and created a new class of working poor, any injustices committed towards ppl of color and how all these politicians are sick of it?!

They only care now because it is affecting their power.

They are now speaking out against tribalism, a tribalism they created.

You will

You will….

You will be made and remade a thousands times over.

You will die a thousand deaths before being turned to ash.

You will fall more times then you rise but you will rise.

You will be placed in the darkest of places and question every belief you’ve ever had and wonder if they truly are your own.

You will fear every belief you have,

seeing the truth of what believing really means and the consequences of that reality.

You will grow to understand the world knows less today than yesterday. We’ve learned more but lack the knowledge needed to move forward.

You will hear the utopian world and soon begin to understand, it is more about control and less about doing what’s right for humanity. How can this utopia exist when it has been the human nature of men/women that have corrupted every system meant for good will.

You will grow older not younger,

“50 years young” dose not change the color of grey or thinning of skin. You will realize most who say this fear aging. The greatest gift you could give yourself, make peace with age and age will make peace with you.

I have spent many years dealing with the dying and have witnessed every single belief in God shattered by reality, with their dying breath they search for the true living god not a god made by the minds of men/women. I have seen the atheists shiver. I have seen the rich turned into poverty and wail. I have seen the most influential lay gasping in a hospital gown unrecognizable.

I have walked into the dreariest hospital rooms and have understood, we spend are whole lives avoiding the end and by stripping death of her existence we miss our lives.

Empty booths

Empty booths

We will remain willfully blind although we see.

We will remain willfully deaf although we hear.

We will remain willfully ignorant although we can choose to think.

We will treat political parties like gods.

What if you and I understood, the political parties use us for themselves.

Many Americans have been driven into poverty although they work,

struggling to keep their homes,

live out of their cars,

rent rooms because having an apartment has now become an American dream.

Americans work harder and have less to spend and support themselves.

Americans have been brought systematically to living a life of a hustler.

How many politicians have been driven into poverty although they work?

How many politicians have taken a pay cut or have lost bonuses?

How many politicians are losing their homes, unable to retire, have experienced stagnant wages and have to live out of their cars?

How many politicians have to shower in a public restroom before work?

How many politicians have had to carry the same healthcare that you and I have, how many are unable to afford their medications?

How many politicians have lived under their own polices and how many have been exempt?

We will vote in November for a group of men/women and no matter the color, will live above you and I, will continue to make policies that they will be exempt from, their wages will rise, retirement packages their whole families will live off of and that will be from our vote.

We will vote in November,

we will fight one each other over who the lesser of the two evils are.

We will walk into the voting booths and walk out with the same struggles.

What if no one showed up.

Every voting booth empty.

What if we chose no one and demanded more?

Why do we feel we have to remain democratic or republican?

Why do we keep voting against ourselves?

Unaware wars

“With manipulation Americans have been lured into every war ever created,

unaware of the creators.”

Every word spoken hides the drum beat of war both abroad and home.

Every war America has every had,

the war against drugs has born more addicts.

The war against corporate elites have born more wealth for the wealthier.

The war against hate is birthing more radical fringe groups.

The war against what is freedom of speech is birthing more censorship of speech.

The war against fake news is birthing more prisons for anyone who has a different view.

The war against high cost of living has born an affordable housing problem. Less can afford to make ends meet.

The war against hunger has birthed more hunger.

Every war America has or has had, seems to only birth more of the same. We seem to be upholding the very thing we are contesting.

Are these issues being used as a tool against us?

No matter how humane we may think these issues are, is it possible we are being used to war against each other to give birth to a more government controlled state(s)/nation?

The war against corrupt politicians has birthed a more corrupt system of which we are all poisoned.

Every war to promote a more humane way for a foreign land to govern a people, has created more inhumanity.


What are we truly warring about?

Why haven’t any of these wars birthed more peace? Humanity? Equality? Love? Wealth?

Why haven’t these wars birthed less wars? Racism? Censorship? Prisons of body and speech? Poverty?

Are we unaware to what we are truly warring against and for who we war.

Maybe these wars were never meant to be won but only through us create more of what we war against.

Disruption through unity

“Our division feeds the ruling classes power and unity, giving them freedom to exempt themselves from polices that oppress and drive people into poverty.”

The minority ruling class understands something we the as people don’t,

untied they stand, divided they fall.

The ruling class sees no color as we do only a signature on the dotted line of compromise.

May we someday understand;

us uniting would disrupt their unity and divided they would fall.

We as a humanity have to stop serving the ruling class plates or power and be accountable for what we’ve allowed.

Disrupt the clam,

stillness of power

of the ruling class through coming together.

An explanation

The post I placed on social media about Nike and kaepernick had created some stir.

Many had felt my post was racist and a few were offended. One person had remarked, “this post is disgusting.”

I’d like to take a minute to expound.

I had stopped buying Nike shoes or clothing years ago, children working in sweatshops was the main reason. I had and still feel that Nike exploits these poorer countries for profit, creates environments or oppressing working conditions because there are no labor laws, uses a type of slave labor to produce their products.

I was an avid supporter of kaepernick. I believed in his reasons. I encountered a lot of backlash for that.

This is my bottom line, you can’t stand against injustice and allow yourself to be endorsed by a company that creates it. You can’t stand against oppression and allow yourself to be endorsed by a company that uses economically poor countries and creates environments of oppression for profits. Nike is very capable of taking a serious issue and exploiting that issue for profits. If Nike can exploit a child has young as 7, do they really care about a human right?

We as a people rely to much on the celebrity to speak for us. The elite wealthy shouldn’t be the ones to determine when an issue determines attention, what hashtag is best and so forth. At some point we as people need to break away from what truly oppresses and violates human rights, no matter the color. No celebrity, corporation should have that much control.

My belief is; the minute someone signs on the dotted line, allowing themselves to be endorsed by a company that oppresses, violates or uses anyone to produce for profit and exploits an issue for gains, that person has compromised themselves somewhere.

We can’t allow standing against injustice, oppression, exploiting issues to become another business and hashtag for profit.

If I’ve upset anyone, I am sorry but I stand by my original post and hope this helps to explain where I’m coming from.

Thank you for reading this and as always I’m open to comments.

When justice is for profit

This is all I have to say about Nike and kaepernick.

My beef is with the whole system, not just kaepernick and Nike.

I’m personally tired of the wealthy elite telling us;

What justice is or isn’t.

What injustice looks or doesn’t.

What sacrifice is or isn’t.

When an issue deserves attention or doesn’t.

When was the last time a wealthy elite showed concern about your wages, your nothing more then a resource for them to gain personal wealth from.

When was the last time a wealthy elite showed any concern about how cheaply paid the laborer is making the nike sneaker/products, these men/women have no problem reaping the benefits of cheap labor and yet they will give millions to the working poor/poor? Why? How can give to someone you just turn around and steal from, under the guise of justice, by creating the need for more poorly paid workers.

What injustices matter or don’t, when they should matter and when we should speak out, stand together and boycotting a company while they walk away with millions.