The American Pastor

The American pastor…

“Americas cultural Christianity is the enemy to a God they claim to serve.”

Hustling the gospel for likes and followers.

Adorned in the hunger of the poor,

for the praise of men/women.

Sins hidden in mansions of gold, built on the back the almighty.

The image of God destroyed, creating a god after their own image of lust.

Setting themselves upon the chair to be judge and jury over the masses. They no not how to judge nor what the scriptures mean, God has lead them astray, giving many over to their own wrong.

Idolizing the calf formed of mud with their own hands, more than the creator.

Glutinous beings feeding off the lost and sick for sales/profits.

Pridefully ordaining self,

appointing self to teach of scripture, interpreting the word according to their own knowledge.

Envious of the living God,

pastors distort the partitioners mind, until they see the self exalted pastor as a hero,

emulating the character of a wolf clothed in the image of a lamb.

Slothful to the wrong of an unclean heart, the preacher opens the doors to sin every Sunday to stimulate the flesh and harden the hearts of the seeker.

Wrathful of heart to any who expose this false gospel, the preacher of lies retaliates with dead men’s bones but on the last day, the bones will bare witness against them setting religions on fire.

The American pastor consulting with devils have turned themselves into the great “I Am.”


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