O beautiful

Is it possible to uphold the very thing you seek to destroy?

O beautiful for spacious skies;

Fighting against walls by building new ones.

Fighting against ideologies by creating new ones.

Fighting for gender neutrality by tearing down the gender of another.

Fighting against supremacies by becoming the new supremacist.

For amber waves of grain;

Fighting against oppression by becoming the new oppressor.

Fighting against a corrupt economic system by voting in a new system of thieves.

Fighting for peace by creating new wars.

Fighting for a right to believe by destroying another’s right to their belief.

For purple mountains majesty;

Fighting against the hierarchy of the male by creating a new hierarchy of women.

Fighting against racism by becoming the racist.

Fighting against fascism by becoming the fascist.

Fighting for a world without god by creating the new god of self.

Above the fruited plain!

Fighting against colonization by becoming the new colonizer.

Fighting against the theft of land by stealing another’s land.

Fighting against terrorism by becoming the terrorist.

Fighting systematic policies by creating new systematic evils.

America!! America!!

God shed his grace on thee;

Fighting to topple a statue only to create new images out of stone.

Fighting for political correctness by becoming politically incorrect.

Fighting for against fringe groups by cultivating the very environment that births extremism.

Fighting for tolerance by becoming intolerant.

Fighting to expose the ills while becoming the disease.

And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to

shining sea….



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