When justice is for profit

This is all I have to say about Nike and kaepernick.

My beef is with the whole system, not just kaepernick and Nike.

I’m personally tired of the wealthy elite telling us;

What justice is or isn’t.

What injustice looks or doesn’t.

What sacrifice is or isn’t.

When an issue deserves attention or doesn’t.

When was the last time a wealthy elite showed concern about your wages, your nothing more then a resource for them to gain personal wealth from.

When was the last time a wealthy elite showed any concern about how cheaply paid the laborer is making the nike sneaker/products, these men/women have no problem reaping the benefits of cheap labor and yet they will give millions to the working poor/poor? Why? How can give to someone you just turn around and steal from, under the guise of justice, by creating the need for more poorly paid workers.

What injustices matter or don’t, when they should matter and when we should speak out, stand together and boycotting a company while they walk away with millions.


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