Disruption through unity

“Our division feeds the ruling classes power and unity, giving them freedom to exempt themselves from polices that oppress and drive people into poverty.”

The minority ruling class understands something we the as people don’t,

untied they stand, divided they fall.

The ruling class sees no color as we do only a signature on the dotted line of compromise.

May we someday understand;

us uniting would disrupt their unity and divided they would fall.

We as a humanity have to stop serving the ruling class plates or power and be accountable for what we’ve allowed.

Disrupt the clam,

stillness of power

of the ruling class through coming together.


8 thoughts on “Disruption through unity

  1. It’s not that I disagree. With wealth and social position comes power. This is no more true than here in England. However, those who have gone before to bring social justice have a very poor record. That is my only point. Millions, truly millions of the powerless slaughtered in the name of equality.

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    1. I agree. To me equality really produces more inequality. Here in Connecticut I have watched the wealthy get into positions of power, create polices that they exempt themselves and families. Use media, Hollywood and many other industries to create forms of emotional response through exploiting an issue, i.e. Working poor, stagnant wages and incredibly high taxes, they will exploit an issue to justify a rise in taxes.
      In order to truly bring about a less corrupt system. A system that doesn’t use the poor and so forth for profit. Everything seems to be a business lately.
      Excuse my slow response the kids are here for a visit lol

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      1. It’s global really. The future is quite alarming. As life becomes more cybernetic freedoms will be more erroded. As we move to G5 cell phones BiG Brother Looms Larger. Keep posting I’ll keep reading. Nice talking. Chris T.

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