Poets of New England

This will be a first for me. One of my pieces titled “not all but most,” will be published in the poets of New England available on Amazon for purchase. In a few months will also be available in some book stores.

My next step is to put a book together of selected pieces and hopefully have published through “underground writers association who works with indie publishing.”

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their continued encouragement. For sticking with me.

I consider this moment to be yours as much as it is my moment…

Politicians will be fine

You’ll never see a politician in the food pantry.

You’ll never see a politician ration food for medication.

You’ll never see a politician boil water to bathe because they can’t afford the bill.

You’ll never see a politician walk to work because they don’t have the money to fix their breaks on the car.

You’ll never see a politician live out of their car, shower at the YMCA and head to work.

You’ll never see the child of a politician skip a meal because there’s not enough money.

Every politician will spend your money while holding their own.

Politicians will never work into their 70’s because they can’t afford to retire but you will.

You’ll never see a politician live under the same burdens they place on you.