In this world

“You can not fix a problem if you don’t first understand how the problem was created.” -bt

In world such as this:

A world that judges a person by the color of their skin,

be the person who judges the character.

A world that desires conformity to new social constructs,

be the person who desires each live free from conformity,

be a nonconformist giving people the right to live and face their own consequences.

A world that shuns non linear healing,

be the person who seeks the root of the disease not bandaging symptoms.

A world that desires each person conform to the new godless religion of rulers,

be the person who desires each person be given the freedom to believe as they choose.

A world that seeks retribution off the backs of the working class/poor,

be the person who seeks to help them loosen the gold plated chains.

A world full of chaos,

be the calm.

A world full of anger,

be the peace.

A world full of unforgiving retaliations,

be forgiveness.

Forgiveness isn’t about the other person but about you, and freeing the mind and spirit from a cancerous bitterness. Forgiving allows the doer of the unjust act to face a personal consequence and bring forth lessons.

Forgiving doesn’t mean a person can’t stand against what’s unjust


requires a stand,

the difference is you stand justly.

A world that generalizes all people no matter color or beliefs,

be the person who sees the individual.

A world that only sees cells made with steel bars,

be the person who understands that not all steel bars are visible. Demanding others think and feel as you do, creates individual solidarity confinements.

Be the person who desires freedom of thought.


The heart of violence

Image of homeless elderly man is my own image. I was able to offer him a few bucks and some water. I also had a chance to speak with him which left me with some thoughts. (Picture is from July).

-is this not where real violence begins?

The real violence is found in the hands of an elderly man begging for food not necessarily in the burning of car.

The policies of politicians that destroy the lives of others, overburdened taxes that leave many bare and without basic necessities, is where violence begins and is most extreme.

I have yet to see a politician in Connecticut standing on a corner begging for food. Connecticuts politicians are well fed, clothed and housed off the backs of the elderly and working classes.

Blocked by those you are loyal to

“The only ones blocked from the ill side affects of a policy are the politicians that create them.”

The only ones that live separately from created policies are the leaders that create them.

Politicians will fight for socialism and yet live separately from any redistribution of money.

Politicians will fight for capitalism and yet live separately from the working poor.

Each economic system is run by an elite system that will benefit no matter how much poverty the system creates.

Everyone is for sale and sold for profit.

Each side claims the other side blocks policies best for the people.

If it wasn’t for the democrats this would pass , we need more power(control so we are the majority).

If it wasn’t for the republicans this would pass, we need more power(control so we are the majority).

Yet, each politician is exempt from certain laws that you and I are forced to live under.

How many politicians that grab the microphone and claim to have your best interest at heart, eat from your table, ration medications so they can by food, have no choice but to accept a 25-35 cent raise while their insurance rates go up, how many have to work a rummage through trash bins collecting bottles for extra gas money, how many have to skip a meal because they work and can’t afford to eat well and how many end up have to wait to retire and fear growing old because, although they’ve worked their whole lives, are afraid they’ll run out of funds.