Crimes upon the face

And then they said

“We cannot get him/her for the unjustness.

We will crucify,

for the crime hung upon his/her face.”

In that day,

people will be the new religion,

temples decorated and clothed,

worshipped as gods.

Creators of new laws.

Creators of new codes of conduct.

A simple glance found offensive will be deemed criminal and those found guilty when no other charge can be brought against them,

will suffer at the hands of men/woman,

left outside the city gates,


deemed unworthy to grace the cobble stoned streets with the morally superior.

The scale of social behavior will be defined by over zealous lordships.

Every move watched by the digital eye,

10 years pass

your case can come at any moment,

the guilt of a look

or word of disagreement has all been recorded in the digital book of life and judgement.

Your name is written,

one misstep,

you will be examined from birth to current and dragged through societies social court of mob ruled justice.

The court will come for your job,

your home

your friends

your well constructed life,

only then will you find

None are free.


10 thoughts on “Crimes upon the face

    1. I do believe the more you put people in a position to think outside of the box(so to speak), people will begin to see the direction certain things could be headed. Thank you for commenting:)


      1. the second time I read the poem I still felt it referenced the mess we are all headed into . With our government right now. I sort of believe you have to show people all kinds of angles , to also broach all kinds of subjects for those to rethink their positions. When you go from that angle they can’t go as black and white. If that makes sense. And with poetry we can open them up to even an option of something different . I did like this poem.

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        1. Thank you..I do believe we are headed towards a mess but maybe, if people open themselves up to different dialogues and truly take a look, things can turn. I hope anyway.
          Yes, that makes a lot sense..thank you for taking the time to read and comment

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  1. It seems to be the cycle of humanity. People beg for a better way. It might work for a time, but it corrupts. It’s about the money. There is a large part of our country that worship the rich. Sure they want money, a break, a better life. But in the end, they settle for following the rich. The rich are becoming so corrupted. They are sitting in political offices, obviously being manipulated by foreign governments, who are trying to destabilize the country even further. Border walls are just one strategy to make the population revolt. They want it. The politicians and the foreign governments.

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