Power to who?

“All we are really doing is fighting to strip power away from the people and place that power into the hands of the mighty.”

Power to the people

an illusion

from the table of the powers that be

crumbs to the people

the powerful direct our fight,

they choose our villain

tell us,

“you must! The days are numbered!”


we hold clench our fists






all in the name of globalization,

without a thought

without a question

we move powerless against the powerful.

Politicians give us the thoughts

the voice to scream,

The media gives us the


photos that build

drunken delusional rages

or they teach us to love what is evil and

burn those who speak against the myth of power to the people.

16 thoughts on “Power to who?

    1. I’ve come to wonder, is any of this truly about the people? Any system, whether it be social or economic can be used as a weapon to bring about more power. What and who are we truly fighting for?
      Each system attracts its own evils or ills. I will say, I live in CT and we are facing some dire times, the elected officials are considering a grocery tax and medication tax and this is somehow for the best of the working class. Many agree with it and many a fearful of the implications. CT is more socialist than capitalist type. I’m not sure if it’s the economic structure itself that fails or if the men/women elected that create the failure of the system. Socialism cannot corrupt itself nor can capitalism, our politicians(among other heads)create the failures. This are just my thoughts. Each system can be used against the people

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      1. You hit it right on the head. Its not the system, though we can argue the merits of one system over another. It’s people. Lack of love for everyone and focusing on their own selfishness while deflecting and dodging taking responsibility for their choices and actions and the effect these have on people.

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          1. The only way to get pure systems is to have pure people. Otherwise the draw of power and money become too great. Is it impossible? I’m afraid it’s a bad week for me to speculate. People need to come to the understanding that we can live lives beyond our dreams by sharing, keeping touch, and caring for each other. Most of the social issues of the world would be solved this way. But all I have to do is look at the faces to understand the fiction. It would have to be some sort of mass miracle. But talking about can only help.

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            1. I agree and like the thought process.
              I could only wish or hope that someday we would get beyond ourselves and show more community towards one another.
              I honestly don’t know if it’s possible to keep systems from getting so corrupt.

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            2. And therein lies the rub. No one is “pure.” As a believing Christian I think the answer is obvious and called out by Christ – Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no call to “love ourselves” which i would argue is the root from where our problems come. When we are concerned with what we have, what we can get, what have you done for me lately, why do others have what I do not have, we become self focused and selfish. When we focus on loving others and looking for what’s best for them, we can have a much healthier society/community. I would even go so far to say the quality of a society is directly correlated to the lack of selfishness within said society. Money can help or hurt a society, systems and governmental structures can help or hurt, it’s the people that will ultimately drive everything.

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            3. I don’t know if people realize how nice, truly calm the world would be if we would learn how to share. It feels strange expressing such idealism. Imagine going into the world, not having to watch your back. It can be appreciated by either perspective. It is helping others and it’s helping ourselves. It might even improve income potentials for everyone, if that’s a focus. There would be a wider spending base and marketplace, and less need for government programs.
              Ultimately money isn’t evil. It’s the worship or lack of money that forces the evil aspects of humanity. Not to say that people can’t correct. Most of us certainly can! But like rain for crops, money can put food on the table and fuel in our vehicles.

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            4. So true!!
              Systems, whether they be capitalism or socialism, once worshiped draw forth the lower nature and the evils that ensue afterwards.
              Systems cannot corrupt themselves, once these economic systems are valued above all else
              they draw out of us,
              for example,
              greeds in all forms.
              We can prevent that.
              This can change.
              Light draws out darkness

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            5. The trick is to present a utopian point of view that is compatible with the various perspectives: liberal, conservative, independent, introspective, apathetic, empathetic… you get the idea. The logic must be impeccable and understandable for most levels of comprehension. My guess that the best way to do this is what you’ve already started. Bridge the race gap. Next the gender gaps. Find people in those groups to bridge whatever possible viewpoints that are conflicted. Finding willing representatives from the groups to meet en masse to formulate the basis of an effective statement. If the meeting is too large for effective discussion, breaking off for small group discussions might work to draft a statement to present to the assembly. Break to discuss the proposals and refine statements. Present again, voting on the top five statements. The assembly can then have an open conversation about each top statements to find the best way to combine them into the most effective and universal guide to building peace among the people. Then build a campaign around the statement on the benefits of people accepting and sharing together. (It makes me smile to write this because for all the potential in this world, all I have to do is walk down the street to see the difficulties in even getting people to talk. But you’ve shown that it not only can be done. But there is often a hidden yearning for mutual understanding.)

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            6. Love the thoughts here..
              I do believe unity is possible.
              I have found that people really desire genuine conversations, being able to express the why behind what is being felt without labeling or doxxing is what’s needed.
              Some of the people I’ve encountered fear talking because of being ousted or possible job loss.
              Small discussion groups that allow people to just express themselves in an unadulterated way would bring understanding.
              Suppressing voices through fear will only bring us to the same place.
              When I wrote the piece called “O beautiful,” the idea was to cause ppl to ponder on the thoughts and this one statement, “is it possible to uphold the very thing you seek to destroy?”

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            7. Well said and i have pondered that scripture myself.
              My thoughts are, the love that dwells within us, is rooted in a dual nature. Our battles are inward and reflect outward,
              love can be selfless and selfish, we posses both a fallen love and a higher love.
              Acts of giving to the poor can be done in selfish love, a lower nature that desires praise of men.
              Money can turn good people into thieves as can helping the poor.
              Thank you very much for your comment. I do agree with you.


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