Despite the outpouring of backlash from the working class, Connecticut is still considering the grocery tax and medication tax.

I urge those local to me to call and voice concerns:


Remember those on food stamps will be affected also. The only ones who will not be pained by this are Connecticuts elected officials.


None of these politicians care about the working class.

These politicians got CT in a hole and whose paying the price for their failures? We, the working class, this isn’t affecting the politicians.

What politician is rationing food, rationing medications because of stagnant wages, high taxes and cost of living increases? Not one politician will have to ration the amount of food put on their plate, not one politician will have to visit the food pantry, not one will have to ration medications because of these taxes.

I’d like to ask Lamont and the rest of them, how are we suppose to survive, whose going to be there for the working class being plundered into poverty by the hands of their own government.

Where’s blumenthal, Murphy and Delarosa? Where’s their speeches for the working class and how unjust this is? No where. Not one of them calling for a protest, a resistance or holding a speech to speak about how grave this will be for so many, including the elderly.

Where’s the call for humanity now?

Nice job CT officials.


6 thoughts on “Connecticut

  1. Your plight is worth noting but be weary of the hive, few see the whole tapestry before they share their mind, so many desire change failing to read the writing on the wall, not that i dont agree with you, but change against great forces does not come without some pain. I wish you the best in your endeavors, but know that sacrifice, and words share the same name. Those who fight a collective consciousness never fair well. But i wish you the best.

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    1. Seems to be a global mess.
      I received a few inboxes on fb after posting my expression in the comment section. The working class is really getting plunged into poverty, the elderly are scared as they can barely afford food and medications now.
      Many are calling and hopefully that will work.
      Thank you KT


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