The mocker


the truth of self exposed before the thunders of heaven.


emotionally naked before all that is unseen,

every breath carries a sarcastic cry:

I have sought love amongst the hateful,

mocking the lover.

I have sought forgiveness amongst the unforgiven,

mocking the pardoned.

I have sought truth amongst liars,

mocking certainty.

I have sought tears amongst the joyful,

mocking laughter.

I have sought freedom amongst prisoners,

mocking release.

I have sought a jury amongst judges,

mocking civility.

I have sought riches from amongst the poor,

mocking charity.

I have sought healing amongst the fractured,

mocking epiphanies.

I have mocked the joker and none understood.


2 thoughts on “The mocker

  1. Everyone is wrong is some aspect of the truth they think they sing on key. The sour notes they offer don’t often come with a sweet dissonance that is a percussion of sarcasm that beats to the truth in the bass and base background. Everyone is all jazzed up with no place to go and the crow has run away with the mockingbird who mocks the moon.

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    1. Well said Doug…we all have error, none are a 100% truth as none are 100% a lie, one will mock the other not realizing what one often mocks will be plated and set at the table


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