Just received word that a small book of my writings will be published!!

Working on a book cover now and details. Publisher enjoyed the manuscript sent and a book will soon be available..

I need to thank everyone who follows me for all their encouragement, conversations and loyalty. I do my best to follow everyone back but sometimes I lose track, my apologies for that.

This journey started a little over 5 years ago and has taken much to find my voice. Many of you have helped me do that…

I will keep everyone posted on the availability of the book and just informed on progress.

The picture below has always been one of my favorites. This image will be a sketched by a designer and used for the cover.

Thank you again so much!!!

6 thoughts on “Publisher

    1. Of course. I ended up never hearing back from the first company. I had spoken with a small company north from me(I live in Connecticut), the companies name is “underground writers association.” I had a great experience and unlike the first company m, didn’t have to pay thousands of dollars(which I wouldn’t be able to do anyways).

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