You will awaken to the truth of words and the world be different.

The smallest of words that carry the biggest meaning will be empty, neglected and starved.

What is real will be given over to the flesh.

Your breath will be lost because you see it was never really about you



so you close your eyes so you no longer see.

The words will return to bargain

phrases that never sleep,


to lure you back into its own brokenness.


Busy is okay but,

You’ll get up one morning look in the mirror and realize 5 years has gone by and you’ve missed everything.

You’ll drink several cups of coffee but never really be awake.

It’s very possible to be given a chance to start a new life but do nothing more then recreate the old one.

It’s very possible to purchase a new bed but still be asleep in the old one.

It’s very possible to buy a new camera and still print the old pictures.

It’s very possible to walk down a new street and never feel the ground beneath you change.

It’s possible to buy a new couch but still be sitting in the same place you desired to leave.

It’s possible to find someone new and be in the same relationship.

It’s possible to paint new walls with old paint.

It’s possible to be so busy you loose what you intended to keep and keep what you should loose.

If you could slow down and

take a step back you’d realize,

each day you let slip is a day you’ll never regain.

every thought you wish you lived out loud is gone forever

your regretful because

the paint is the same color,

the picture frame never really changed,

your still sitting in the same place,

and you’ve fallen asleep in the same bed laying in the same spot you tried to move from to become you.

Some day you’ll truly wake and wish you had but your to deep in,

recreating your old life and the chance to truly do what you’ve desired is lost.

Busy doesn’t last forever

someday your life and all the memories will drape over you and you’ll wish you had.




I am grateful to say my next book event will be at masters mana. Masters mana is a local food pantry that offers hope to so many. The goal is to fill the shelves and offer services to people like Donald.

This is Donald.

Donald is an elderly man who lived out of his car.

I remember Donald well, he would walk the streets of Wallingford offering to clean windows and anything that he could use a sponge for. In return all he asked for was a meal.

Months back I had the privilege of talking with Donald at a local laundry mat. He was standing on the curb asking passer buyers if he could clean their car windows or carry in laundry for $1, he wanted enough to earn a meal.

I let him take my clothes in and we sat and talked.

Some people were fairly disgusted with me because of his condition and the smell. Most of the people in the laundry mat thought he was an addict, alcoholic, lazy and someone who wanted a hand out. None of these people took the time to talk to him though just assumed they knew.

I took Donald outside because it was fairly uncomfortable for everyone.

Donald told me how he lost everything due to medical issues, lost his shelter and has no family. Eventually he was forced to live out of his car.

The system that he had worked to support failed him and left him stranded.

I gave him $5 to eat and wished him well.

I haven’t seen Donald in about 2 years and had always wondered what happened to him. The last I heard he was hospitalized but was later released.

Walking through masters mana I noticed Donald’s picture and I had asked what happened to him.

Gail explained how Donald was one of their success stories.

Donald was assigned a conservator and is now in a small apartment, and off the streets thanks to all the work masters mana has done.

Masters mana isn’t just about feeding those struggling and offering basic necessities. Masters mana is also about building success stories such as Donald’s.

Most understand that in today’s economy everyone being squeezed by their own leaders are only

a medical,

a loss of a job,

injury at work

(and other circumstances that aren’t always within our control),

paycheck away from losing everything.

This is hope…