What has beautiful become

Beauty isn’t found in painted nails, colored hair,

trimmed hair,

a body,

virtual relationships that mimic what the normal is,

artificial expressions,

high end jobs,

titles or clothing trends.

Beauty is found when you show your scars,

take the hand of a stranger and help lead the way,

sit by the poor and see true richness,

being you unapologetically in a world that mimics what’s around them,

doing a good deed that doesn’t require a like button or a live stream, saying only what you mean,

giving empathy,

taking accountability in a world that would rather pass blame,

striving to heal rather then bandaid yourself and project hurt onto another,

being loyal,

smiling without a camera,

stop kissing ass and selling out one another for seat with those we feel are powerful,

stop making decisions that cause you to not be yourself and blame another,

stop laying down what lives and breathes for what is an artificial existence.

If our cameras only took snap shots of our soul, of our intentions, and no longer took a picture of flesh and bone, would you still post this on social media?

Live podcast interview



Hope everyone is able to view this. Not sure if WordPress will show link.

I had the opportunity to do a live podcast this morning, spoke about climbing and my writings. Nervous about it, completely out of my comfort zone but now that it’s over, glad I said yes.

Anyone able to view I do appreciate it and feedback is welcome