Peace dressed as war

In war the devils/enemies are easier to see, to distinguish. These devils show themselves when when lust has emptied its bowels and the tongue is parched.

In peace the devils dress as gods, enemies as friends, lust hides itself in good deeds and the tongue is quenched by words.

The words of war and peace are the same, “for the greater good, greater protection of humanity.” One carries a gun the other a peace sign, both require a contract, a conformity for the greater good or be put outside the city gates.

*the word war is not only that abroad, war is also found on ground you stand. War of thoughts, words and deeds, whose is more dominant, more just and serves the greater good. Those who fail to serve will placed outside the gates.”

This place

We all hit this place,

We desire to hear something more than the alarm clock going off,

car door slamming shut,

employee badge swiping the time clock.

We desire to hear life, to feel every pulse,

to live beyond all of that.

To not just strum some chords but to feel each note and it’s rhythm, within.

We desire to see something more than the glare of the sun hitting the windshield,

we desire to see the sun rise and hear the sun set, to feel every moment of it.

We desire laughter, not just to hear it but to feel the sound.

We desire to not just survive it all but to live through each moment, to be this expression of a life that can be felt from within.