Will be back soon

Sorry for my lack of posts. I’ve been working a covid19 unit and have been pretty busy. I’m grateful for my crew. I will say this about covid19, this is a very real virus. When I have time I watch both the left and right use this virus for themselves, both sides are trying so hard to disprove the other, trying to make a name for themselves by being the first to point out a falsehood. Both sides are doing exactly what they accuse the other side of. Please remember there are people recovering, there are those who require more intensive care and there those who will have this virus self resolve itself. I will be writing periodically as my hours will be much longer this week. I wish you all the best stay rational, and stay well! Much love and respect to all of you!

7 thoughts on “Will be back soon

  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Word trembled before I let them go on this canvas for your attention. This fighter soul of yours has been inspiring me since I started reading your blog a few months ago. I am so scared for your life at the hands of this merciless virus. Before anything happens to you or I, I want you to know that knowing a brave soul like yours (virtually) has been one of my greatest honors Beth (Amir takes off his hat and lowers his gaze out of sheer respect).

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    1. Hi Amir, I’m very humbled by your comment. You’ve always been very encouraging and supportive, I’ve always appreciated that. Our cases of covid19 patients is slowing and the staff will be getting tested june 14-15th. Love and hugs to you sir, thank you once again


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