I almost hated to open Facebook this morning but I did. I saw so much anger, hate, lewd comments and absolutely no conversation.
I had some time to reflect about the debates last night and what I watched.
To start, Chris Wallace did an awful job. The questions were designed to do exactly what they did. Biased and unable to hold to fact when one candidate confronted the other, Chris bypassed most of that.
We still don’t know the policies of either candidate but we don’t really need too because we know longer vote based on policy, we vote for a party no matter how bad they are, just get the wave no matter who it destroys.
What I saw last night was a reflection of us, the people.
Arguing without listening, playing politics without talking policy, taking jabs, trigger points, each party wanting their echo chamber and fan fair without listening to what each other has to say, the why behind all of it.
I woke and saw my news feed blowing up. Defending to the core a system that will eventually turn on them, a system that uses people no matter the color for votes. After all each party has your best interest at heart and we believe this. In the end the same ones prosper from a system and the same ones fail.
I’m convinced that people would spill blood for their party and the system they represent.
The proud boys, anti fia, there all one and the same. Anti fia is an ideology and from that ideology an organized movement was formed but the left will cheer and justify them in the same way the right justifies the proud boys. Each move on command and will destroy, burn, beat, and draw blood for their party and the system they idolize. Neither is any better than the other. When the walls come down people will find out exactly what it’s all about.
We talk without listening, label people, hate people, hate based on skin color whether white, black or brown and we justify that hate for the system that creates it, we strive for dominance, to rule, to dictate who can speak, who gets harassed, loses their job,what skin color is better, who is or isn’t oppressed, and god knows this goes on and on. We do this for them, we hate and fight for politics, we are now becoming the system itself, immersed in its demands, clothed in its skin, imbedded in our spirits is this system of men and woman and we idolize this racket. We are teaching the children to hate all over again, these kids don’t have a shot a unity and we are taking that from them all on command.
We will be given over to the system at some point, this will be what owns us, we will become their property.
So who lost the debate last night?! We did, the people lost.

The resistance


the media,


corporate America,

Religious institutions,

local state leaders,

Pharma corporatists,



Fact checkers,


Big corporate papers and magazines

are backing and televising the “resistance,” you are not apart of the resistance.

You are a part of the system.

These rulers

These rulers do not live under the rules the impose upon the people.

These rulers live protected by the very groups they claim to despise.

These rulers of the people will fight to protect their neighborhoods, families and lively hoods while yours burn to the ground.

These rulers of the people will continue to get their paychecks while the people they serve scrounge for their next meal, desperate to keep their businesses afloat, these rulers won’t tell you most of these businesses are not coming back and yet all they own remains protected.

These rulers of the people will set up food banks that determine what you eat, how much you eat while they have the freedom to eat what and how much they want without standing in line with you because they live above all of it.

These rulers of the people demand no one be targeted for skin color, and yet they target many based on color, while they themselves are exempt.

These rulers would rather have you dependent on them, on the system they create for you, on an income level they will decide is enough, they themselves will be exempt from all of it.

These rulers will become a type god, the concept of god in human form most claim to hate, most will bow to the system praising the system until the system itself turns and shows the evil it is.

These rulers will demand you live a life that best serves the common good, in thought, in word, in deed, appearance and expression while they live above all of it, free from all of it.

There will come a time when the one world government will complete itself and demand total conformity from you(they will live above it), what happens to those who do not conform? Take a look around you, many are willing to kill, to burn, ostracize, to beat, any who disagree the new forming system.