These rulers

These rulers do not live under the rules the impose upon the people.

These rulers live protected by the very groups they claim to despise.

These rulers of the people will fight to protect their neighborhoods, families and lively hoods while yours burn to the ground.

These rulers of the people will continue to get their paychecks while the people they serve scrounge for their next meal, desperate to keep their businesses afloat, these rulers won’t tell you most of these businesses are not coming back and yet all they own remains protected.

These rulers of the people will set up food banks that determine what you eat, how much you eat while they have the freedom to eat what and how much they want without standing in line with you because they live above all of it.

These rulers of the people demand no one be targeted for skin color, and yet they target many based on color, while they themselves are exempt.

These rulers would rather have you dependent on them, on the system they create for you, on an income level they will decide is enough, they themselves will be exempt from all of it.

These rulers will become a type god, the concept of god in human form most claim to hate, most will bow to the system praising the system until the system itself turns and shows the evil it is.

These rulers will demand you live a life that best serves the common good, in thought, in word, in deed, appearance and expression while they live above all of it, free from all of it.

There will come a time when the one world government will complete itself and demand total conformity from you(they will live above it), what happens to those who do not conform? Take a look around you, many are willing to kill, to burn, ostracize, to beat, any who disagree the new forming system.

4 thoughts on “These rulers

  1. I think all the rulers are thieves. All of them are hearthless. They are monsters. Killers. Murders. I don’t believe things get better but worse in the next future because rulers have all the power and people are too poor to think about revolution.

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    1. I agree, most are thieves and unfortunately many of the people do their dirty work, hate who they tell us too, harass and completely destroy whoever they(rulers)instruct or with slight of hand guide us too. Each seems to be worse than the last. A true genuine revolution I fear will never happen. I’m not sure we really know what a genuine revolution is.

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