The resistance


the media,


corporate America,

Religious institutions,

local state leaders,

Pharma corporatists,



Fact checkers,


Big corporate papers and magazines

are backing and televising the “resistance,” you are not apart of the resistance.

You are a part of the system.

4 thoughts on “The resistance

  1. I agree wit your point of view. In fact, our resistance depends on our choices.
    In my blog I always try to give advice to make choices to stay out of the system. I don’t have facebook, I don’t have instagram and I don’t have twitter and I advise everyone not to watch TV and to live a real life and not a virtual one. But few people understand resistance to sosyema. We are very few people unfortunately.

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    1. I agree with you, there are few who understand. Facebook creates echo chambers for people, no diversity of conversation, no challenge on any opinion held and the ability to spread half truths or misinform people is great and creates so much damage without any true change.
      I will have to check more of your blog out.

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