Almost a crime

What times are these
when a conversation
is almost a crime
because it includes
so much(implicitly)told?
-Paul Celan 2002
Adding to this poem,
Not only a conversation but also a writing is close to becoming a crime.
Controlling writings and conversations under the guise of “hate speech, bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, Islam phobia, and many others.
Who determines what hate speech is?
Is hate speech determined by a sole group or with slight of hand implemented by our rulers, social media, news outlets, prior philosophies and writers, Hollywood, big donors and politicians.
Will it come to the point where a simple disagreement with the NWO/globalization and all it entails be considered “hate speech?” if considered hate speech what will the penalty be?
Could belief in a god, individuality be considered an act of hate.
Before we accept a new structure for social behaviors, speeches, writings, or conversations, shouldn’t we ponder all of this.

4 thoughts on “Almost a crime

  1. Debate seems impossible now. Everyone feels the need to be instantly aggrieved by a different point of view. They get angry for the most trivial of things. Unfortunately, it leads to a lot of people saying nothing and therefore not questioning hate speech.

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  2. I believe the best way to draw the line between free speech and hate speech is to ask the question is someone’s ugly rant actually calling for murder, rape, torture, maiming, assault or arson etc? Should we ban Donald Trump from mimicking journalists with cerebral palsy for example? I believe we should harshly criticize such behavior but not ban it. One problem with critical correctness is it has the potential to disguise the ugliness in people. Like you say, political correctness often goes too far. If I express the view that trans women are women emotionally speaking but the physical transformation is partly illusory I will inevitably enrage some people on the far left and the far right. A world with more amicable disagreements would be lovely.

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    1. Personal story, my sister had spoken with another woman her age about her thoughts on trump and Biden. The woman had gotten angry and said she would report her(via Fb)for being a racist. I read and re read the conversation, i honestly say no need for her to be reported, especially for racism but the woman said her supporting trumps policies meant she was a racist but didn’t see it yet.
      What I truly saw was a debate about policies. My sister was reported for making racist comments, once reviewed fb said, “these comments do not meet the standard of what racist is. This is more of a debate.” My sister showed this woman and the the woman became angry so she blocked her and reported for hate speech that also failed.
      The unfortunate thing is we as a people sometimes make it worse for ourselves and shut down what may be a well thought out and good hearted debate.

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