I’ve been fairly quite about all of this simply because it’s useless.
The left will cry against corruption and yet fail to see the corruption of their own party and the same for the right.
The left will hate trump because he’s racist and yet vote in someone who is racist but yet with a million reasons as to why he’s changed.
I have watched the left cancel anyone who disagrees and go back years to find something to blast them for, harass, threaten, and blame foreign interference on ppl choosing a president.
I have watched Democratic states allow rioting and never once mention the risk of spreading covid, small businesses to burn that may never come back, allow outright censoring of anyone speaking contrary and blame everyone but themselves .
I have watched the right fail to acknowledge the failings of capitalism, fail to listen to the voices of the people and so we are here.
I have watched truths twisted, big tech, big pharma, Hollywood, Facebook, Twitter and google(not to mention news stations), toy with the minds and emotions of people (psychological warfare in some cases), push for hatred and division and I’ve watched many play along because they believe they are truly doing the right thing.
I’m watching a push for “we will unite,” rant from a government that created all this shit, but don’t worry they will make it all better, they have the answers to problems they created.
There is clear and blatant corruption and we fail to see it because of hate.
The corruption is gross and should be concerning to everyone but it’s not.
The corruption is so disturbing and yet simply for a win we will cheer and claim to have taken down evil and the “system.” God knows we wouldn’t know what it is to truly fight against a system if someone spelled it out slowly.
I have watched people hate each other, dehumanize one another, blame one another, curse each other and for what?! Why are we doing this shit to each other for a system that will live above every policy they create, what the hell happened and god don’t say Trump, don’t say the republicans happened. What happened is our system of the greater than though has decided they want us to hate, be divided, beat, harass, cancel, burn down buildings, label and hate our own friends + family for a f***ing government that doesn’t give to shits about you, your bills, the hours you work, whether you eat or not. For godsakes stop! There will come a point when it’s to late.
Don’t say you care about corruption if you fail to see it in your own party. Don’t say you give a shit about racism is fail to see it in your own party.
What’s happening during this counting of the ballots should concern everyone. Everyone should be wanting to know the truth whether your left or right and if you don’t, do not post another bullshit post about stopping corruption!
Below is a comment from Poland. This comment is not the only one. Many from outside of this country get it but go ahead with your badass self and fight the system.

6 thoughts on “Corruption

  1. Like they say, Democracy is the worst form of Government, except for every other form of Government. Do the job you were elected to do. Don’t affix blame, fix the problems. And if the other party puts forward a great piece of legislation, acknowledge that and do not block it. Bi -partisan support is the only way to heal. Apply term limits for congressmen and senators. We do not need career politicians who do everything wrong just to stay in power. Stop hiring idiots and wingnuts as WH support staff, just because they will agree with you. I did not hear Kamala say that, so will have to look it up. If she did, she is undoing all the good Biden is doing with his restraint and patience statements. Lastly, just pray for healing. Stay well. Allan

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  2. As another external observer, I agree the whole process needs a revamp. A lot of the problems only exist because the founding fathers worked hard to put in enough checks and balances to get a fair, unbiased result. Waiting 3-8 hours in a voting line on election day is ridiculous. We are in and out in Canada in 5-10 minutes, with no waiting in line. Elections that take two years to complete and cost billions of dollars are also counterproductive. Our election cycle here from date of call is typically 39 days. There is still rhetoric, but it is not 2 years of rhetoric and the vitriol and anger is of shorter duration. The right calls the lefts communists, socialists and non Christians. Nothing could be further from the truth. As with Republicans, Democrats are individuals, not a solid group of similar beliefs. The left calls the right racist, red neck, etc. Again, not all Republicans are cut from the same cloth. But, when they grab their guns and head out on the street, they seem to be proving that perception is reality. The founding fathers warned of the dangers of a two party system and it would seem they were right to be worried. How could the whole country not be polarized? It is time to return to Abraham Lincoln’s vision of Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Stop ripping up what the other party legislated, just because they legislated it. The people need to take back government, but not with guns. Be skeptical of what each side says, look at both sides, be educated, be informed and stop the hate that tears apart families, towns and the country. And do not get me started on #45’s speech from yesterday. Challenge results if you must, but stop ramping up the angst. I was looking to see if he had a Festivus pole, as he was undergoing the “airing of grievances” (Seinfeld reference). Act like a statesman, not a 2 year old having a temper tantrum. The whole 4 years has simply been exhausting and the world needs a rest. And by the way, do not mistake having a social conscience and empathy for society as being Socialist or Communist. It is not….it is Human. Be kind, be calm, be safe and be brave. Sorry for my rambling, but goodness me………..

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    1. My honest concern is, we are to far divided, so divided that having a simple conversation about Trump or Biden gets very heated. I honestly don’t see we the people taking back the government, I don’t see us uniting. The rhetoric is the worst I’ve ever seen it.
      Both parties are wrong and amp the other up. Trump should never have said what he did in his speech, does there need to be an unbiased look into what went on, yes.
      Kamala Harris said on tv, “we’re coming for the trump supporters. We”ll never forget what you’ve done.”
      I’m throughly disgusted with all of it, disappointed in all of it. There’s truths on both sides and lies on both. Our media is absolutely horrible and have a hand in all this.
      I don’t mind the rambling at all. I do the same lol. Sorry if I come across harsh, I’m so fed up with all of it.

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        1. I actually heard her say it. Hmm. I’m not surprised. Neither left or right should use any such language, as to entice any type of aggressive behaviors.
          I don’t like Bannon


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