Who does government work for?

“Every politician should have to live on the same streets their polices loom over.”

Those running for office will say,
“Who does government work for?!”
The answer has proven itself over the years, government works best for the politicians.
Politicians exempt themselves from
stagnant wages,
mandated healthcare
rationed meals
rationed medications
walking to work because the car broke down and there’s not enough to fix it despite the fact that someone works 2-3 jobs,
exempt from the true effects of a corrupt economic system whether that be capitalism or socialism,
despite the fact that someone works 2-3 jobs and still needs to go to the food pantry, a political figure running for the presidential office will never be so affected by stagnant wages that they need to stand in line at a food pantry,
exempt from hunger,
using a stove to heat a small area in the kitchen
boil water on a stove to bathe because stagnant wages have made it impossible to keep up with rising costs.
So who does government work for? The government itself.
*picture: Bridgeport Ct. the New York Times

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