Busy is okay but,

You’ll get up one morning look in the mirror and realize 5 years has gone by and you’ve missed everything.

You’ll drink several cups of coffee but never really be awake.

It’s very possible to be given a chance to start a new life but do nothing more then recreate the old one.

It’s very possible to purchase a new bed but still be asleep in the old one.

It’s very possible to buy a new camera and still print the old pictures.

It’s very possible to walk down a new street and never feel the ground beneath you change.

It’s possible to buy a new couch but still be sitting in the same place you desired to leave.

It’s possible to find someone new and be in the same relationship.

It’s possible to paint new walls with old paint.

It’s possible to be so busy you loose what you intended to keep and keep what you should loose.

If you could slow down and

take a step back you’d realize,

each day you let slip is a day you’ll never regain.

every thought you wish you lived out loud is gone forever

your regretful because

the paint is the same color,

the picture frame never really changed,

your still sitting in the same place,

and you’ve fallen asleep in the same bed laying in the same spot you tried to move from to become you.

Some day you’ll truly wake and wish you had but your to deep in,

recreating your old life and the chance to truly do what you’ve desired is lost.

Busy doesn’t last forever

someday your life and all the memories will drape over you and you’ll wish you had.




And then you wake up

You will awaken to the truth of words and the world be different.

The smallest of words that carry the biggest meaning will be empty, neglected and starved, what’s real has been given over to the flesh.

Your breath will be lost because you see it was never really about you,



you close your eyes so you no longer see.

The words will return to bargain,

phrases that never sleep

to lure you back into its own brokenness.

**image taken from the video, until it sleeps.”

The mocker


the truth of self exposed before the thunders of heaven.


emotionally naked before all that is unseen,

every breath carries a sarcastic cry:

I have sought love amongst the hateful,

mocking the lover.

I have sought forgiveness amongst the unforgiven,

mocking the pardoned.

I have sought truth amongst liars,

mocking certainty.

I have sought tears amongst the joyful,

mocking laughter.

I have sought freedom amongst prisoners,

mocking release.

I have sought a jury amongst judges,

mocking civility.

I have sought riches from amongst the poor,

mocking charity.

I have sought healing amongst the fractured,

mocking epiphanies.

I have mocked the joker and none understood.

Power to who?

“All we are really doing is fighting to strip power away from the people and place that power into the hands of the mighty.”

Power to the people

an illusion

from the table of the powers that be

crumbs to the people

the powerful direct our fight,

they choose our villain

tell us,

“you must! The days are numbered!”


we hold clench our fists






all in the name of globalization,

without a thought

without a question

we move powerless against the powerful.

Politicians give us the thoughts

the voice to scream,

The media gives us the


photos that build

drunken delusional rages

or they teach us to love what is evil and

burn those who speak against the myth of power to the people.

Crimes upon the face

And then they said

“We cannot get him/her for the unjustness.

We will crucify,

for the crime hung upon his/her face.”

In that day,

people will be the new religion,

temples decorated and clothed,

worshipped as gods.

Creators of new laws.

Creators of new codes of conduct.

A simple glance found offensive will be deemed criminal and those found guilty when no other charge can be brought against them,

will suffer at the hands of men/woman,

left outside the city gates,


deemed unworthy to grace the cobble stoned streets with the morally superior.

The scale of social behavior will be defined by over zealous lordships.

Every move watched by the digital eye,

10 years pass

your case can come at any moment,

the guilt of a look

or word of disagreement has all been recorded in the digital book of life and judgement.

Your name is written,

one misstep,

you will be examined from birth to current and dragged through societies social court of mob ruled justice.

The court will come for your job,

your home

your friends

your well constructed life,

only then will you find

None are free.