Flesh and bone

Through all of this, not once did the government or any politician stop and take any accountability. People are tired of the lies, corruption, manipulation, taxes, big donors, big tech and the government straying further and further away from serving the people. Not once did they stop and take any fault, they create all this unrest and warring, and blame it on the people. Our government is filled with corruption, narcissistic behaviors, elite(rich and powerful)men and women/humans.
Create policies, sign executive orders that none of them will have to adhere to nor live under.
Worshiping flesh and bone, fighting for a group of elites that could care less about the people or the struggles faced. Impose taxes under the cloak of “this is what’s best for humanity.” They say tax the rich, and many fall to their knees ready to crucify anyone who speaks contrary. Will these elite politicians be paying their fair share in taxes or are these wanna be gods exempt..
It’s so clear, many would sell their, bodies, minds, souls and the very spirit of themselves to a politician(s)/system..

Blanket policies

Blanket policies for poverty will do nothing more then create hunger.

Romanticizing utopia’s will never get to the root of the problem, rather dismiss it.

Those of brown, black and white skin knows what hunger feels like. What creates that hunger differs. A blanket policy buy rulers who live exempt from their own rules will have done nothing more for hunger then widen its stomach.

Romanticizing about equality, the word itself offers much contradiction and dare I say, selfishness. If a ruler taxes a worker, redistributing that tax to whom every they choose and for whatever reasons, yet fails to take into account the struggle of the worker barely putting food on the table, has he not contradicted his/her own aim. To whom will we all be equal too,? the politicians who demand redistribution of monies for the better of humanity,? will the politicians be brought to the workers level of equality, will they be as you and I, equal in monthly income without behind the scene donors, equal in healthcare, equal in word deed and thought as they demand us? I presume to say no.

These men/women we have turned into saviors do nothing more then serve the beast of a system. This system they demand you bow for, eventually, will leave you cold and in hunger, body mind and soul. Be careful of these well crafted words and policies.

Covid vaccine

“This list does not include all possible symptoms. CDC will continue to update this list as we learn more about COVID-19.”

A thought about the covid vaccine.
Above is a statement(in quotes) from the cdc concerning symptoms.
This is my thought:
How do you make a vaccine that’s effective for an illness(virus)we don’t know enough about.
You begin to work on a vaccine, everyone is competing to be the first developer and yet this is a virus new to humans, a virus we are still learning about.
How effective can a vaccine actually be?
How safe will this really be?
I personally believe all politicians should be the first to get the vaccine. Should be done in plain site and any “secret meetings” about this, “closed door debates” should all be made public.
Let me say I’m not an anti vaxxer. I believe there is a need for certain vaccines.
Open to any comments.



In indoctrinated peace the devils dress as gods, enemies as friends, lust hides itself in good deeds.
The warriors for justice searches for the
undoctrinated tongue to quench with stones.

The words of indoctrinated war and peace are the same, “for the greater good, greater protection of humanity,”
any whoever disagrees or dare to question are hung with hash tags, hunted like prey and destroyed without trial.

The carrier of the peace signs have become the oppressor igniting wars, contracted, bought and sold by a system that will discard them at the slightest lack of conformity, a conformity for the greater good dictated by government playing god.

This word war is not only that which is abroad showing tanks and guns,
war is also found on the ground you stand.
War of thoughts, words and deeds, whose is more dominant,
more just and serves the greater good. Those who fail to serve will placed outside the gates.

This place

We all hit this place,

We desire to hear something more than the alarm clock going off,

car door slamming shut,

employee badge swiping the time clock.

We desire to hear life, to feel every pulse,

to live beyond all of that.

To not just strum some chords but to feel each note and it’s rhythm, within.

We desire to see something more than the glare of the sun hitting the windshield,

we desire to see the sun rise and hear the sun set, to feel every moment of it.

We desire laughter, not just to hear it but to feel the sound.

We desire to not just survive it all but to live through each moment, to be this expression of a life that can be felt from within.

What has beautiful become

Beauty isn’t found in painted nails, colored hair,

trimmed hair,

a body,

virtual relationships that mimic what the normal is,

artificial expressions,

high end jobs,

titles or clothing trends.

Beauty is found when you show your scars,

take the hand of a stranger and help lead the way,

sit by the poor and see true richness,

being you unapologetically in a world that mimics what’s around them,

doing a good deed that doesn’t require a like button or a live stream, saying only what you mean,

giving empathy,

taking accountability in a world that would rather pass blame,

striving to heal rather then bandaid yourself and project hurt onto another,

being loyal,

smiling without a camera,

stop kissing ass and selling out one another for seat with those we feel are powerful,

stop making decisions that cause you to not be yourself and blame another,

stop laying down what lives and breathes for what is an artificial existence.

If our cameras only took snap shots of our soul, of our intentions, and no longer took a picture of flesh and bone, would you still post this on social media?


Busy is okay but,

You’ll get up one morning look in the mirror and realize 5 years has gone by and you’ve missed everything.

You’ll drink several cups of coffee but never really be awake.

It’s very possible to be given a chance to start a new life but do nothing more then recreate the old one.

It’s very possible to purchase a new bed but still be asleep in the old one.

It’s very possible to buy a new camera and still print the old pictures.

It’s very possible to walk down a new street and never feel the ground beneath you change.

It’s possible to buy a new couch but still be sitting in the same place you desired to leave.

It’s possible to find someone new and be in the same relationship.

It’s possible to paint new walls with old paint.

It’s possible to be so busy you loose what you intended to keep and keep what you should loose.

If you could slow down and

take a step back you’d realize,

each day you let slip is a day you’ll never regain.

every thought you wish you lived out loud is gone forever

your regretful because

the paint is the same color,

the picture frame never really changed,

your still sitting in the same place,

and you’ve fallen asleep in the same bed laying in the same spot you tried to move from to become you.

Some day you’ll truly wake and wish you had but your to deep in,

recreating your old life and the chance to truly do what you’ve desired is lost.

Busy doesn’t last forever

someday your life and all the memories will drape over you and you’ll wish you had.



And then you wake up

You will awaken to the truth of words and the world be different.

The smallest of words that carry the biggest meaning will be empty, neglected and starved, what’s real has been given over to the flesh.

Your breath will be lost because you see it was never really about you,



you close your eyes so you no longer see.

The words will return to bargain,

phrases that never sleep

to lure you back into its own brokenness.

**image taken from the video, until it sleeps.”