This formed image

This carved rock holds my reasons.

The formation bares my battles.

The stillness of gravel hears my voice.

This images solitude offers Ponderings and forces confrontations deep within. 

The stone knows my fears, weakness and causes me to face them. 

This slab hands nothing over. All is found. All is fought for. The slabs influence searches me and offers release. 

This boulder entertains no excuses, it reacts through reflecting my own Goliath’s.

This crag speaks it’s own poetry, I am it’s visual and expressive word. 

This earth has shown life’s gentle truths of holding on and letting go. Freedom lies within both. 

This slag knows that truth is liberties beginning. The route is fought to gain a pearl of wisdom. 

This mass of stone stands, a voice expressed through silence and in solitude declares, you must first feel what you dread in order to be set free from it. 


Journey into the unknown 

My feet have paced this trail before. My eyes have seen natures beauty. My hands have grasped the loose rock that over-lays the landscape of an unsettled trek. The difference was, this time I was alone, this journey was unfamiliar to my soul.


      To journey into the unknown, is to journey to a place where questions cannot be answered but found, for they dwell within the depth of a still soul, beneath emotionalism to a place where sobriety rests. 

     The journey into the unknown is traveled alone. A place where you hear what you’ve refused to give ear too, and you see what you’ve desired and fought to stay blind too.  The unfamiliar and untraveled part of your life is where you hear your answers and glance upon their reflections. The soberity of the soul forces you to ask sobering questions so that self can glance upon the answer, release itself and see what the physical eye cannot know. 
     The journey into the unknown is a place where fear can no longer hold you. The unknown demands it’s own path, forced to embrace what’s uncomfortable, acceptance of truth demanded because change is waiting to release itself through sobriety of self beckoned by the soul. 

Echoes netted in stone

     The voiceless echo of self had lie there, blended quietly into the formation of a stone. 

     Not all echoes carry the weight of a distant voice. This stone had held within it’s formation my passions, and it’s unyielding ability to disconnect me from everything except self. This stone was a mirror  to who I had slowly become.  Reflective in stone, a soul once passionate and  thriving had slowly fashioned itself into an everyday existence. The echoes deeply seated into the stones structure would hand nothing over. Inspiration, passion, and redemption are fought for on adversities path. Through a reach of the hand to fit the stones formation  unfamiliar self is released into the rocks crevice. Awakenings are ignited deep within bringing forth a renewed breath of life, setting alight the souls forging towards redemption.  

Upon the rock 

  Climbing is the only thing that releases me from myself.  It pushes me beyond the limitations of my mind.. -Beth   

       The voice is your own, carefully blends itself into the balance of emotions. “If I try to hard, I’ll miss it. If I lack in my effort, I’ll miss it.” There’s a balance to it all. A longing in the soul to release it’s expression, that flows from the depth of passion and finds it’s freedom upon the rock. 

The disconnect from life’s mundanes and the chase of life’s vanities.

The rock offers you a continual emptying of self doubt and pushing the mind beyond it’s own limitations.

The body placed upon the rock working every route. The body and mind  pushes past doubts, pain, wandering thoughts, countless hours, and the longing to send. The body and mind engages with the rock until, like the words of a poet, every move is perfectly crafted into what may appear to be an effortless send upon the rock. 

It’s not about being seen but rather to see. 

Surrounded by the silence of nature and it’s still voice that offers clarity to an overworked mind and a dull soul. It’s in the this silence of nature that freedom from life’s paved road and it’s continual voice is found.

It’s the way the rock humbles you, takes you beyond yourself and brings you back again. 


A personal glimpse

       The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.-Terry Prachett.

      The final draft is my story being told to others, felt and heard through language carefully chosen.-Beth 

      This journey began almost a year and half ago. I had no idea where any of this would lead. This unfolded before me and for those that have been following me on Instagram and Facebook. 

      I was recently asked to right a feature story for mountain moxie. Humbled by their interest I began to write my story. I’m thankful to say it was just published a few hours ago. It’s finally available to read at, and it’s called, starting over. Feeling grateful and relived..for those that decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it and it offers you encouragement and inspiration. I’m currently working on another story for Alpen climb.. 


Journey towards redemption 

         Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.  -Rumi
        The journey towards redemption had needed to begin with me, it was not to be found in another. I had become my biggest rival. unrecognizable to my own self, quietly slipping into the vanities of life and the numbness it offered to an already neglected soul. A soul lost to the preplexity of someone else’s life, trying to save what could no longer be redeemed.

How did I get to this place? My life had become something unexpected. How do I get beyond what my life had become? I had to begin to recreate my life exactly where I was and fight through life’s dryness.

Climbing was the only thing that had ever released me, pushed me beyond myself and created comfort zones. It’s in the climb that my soul had always found it’s greatest expression and release. It’s on the rock that this battle to begin again truly begins and it’s lesson life changing..

      This battle isn’t necessarily with the thing that has hurt or wronged you, it’s truly with yourself and who you know longer want to be..