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The system cannot fix the system 

Maybe it’s time we let our politicians know, it’s enough…

I had posted this on our community page. The responses have been great. Thought provoking to say the least. 

I’ve heard from teachers to students and people within the community.

I’ve never understood why those working(ex teachers)the actual job have no voice as to what methods work most effectively. The experts have given layouts and all of that’s great but many feel it is nothing but a false sense of security. Things within America don’t seem to be getting much better given all the expert advice we have from whoever these “experts” are. 

People from all fields are offering to help at no cost. 

In the comments I will leave an email sent by a high school student to the superintendent. Her figures are off about the number of shootings but gives you a glimpse into how many are feeling. 

Many teachers feel like puppets and their hands completely tied by the system. 

I was able to speak with the superintendent and will be talking with him Tuesday to hopefully plan or begin a community talk. This is the post:

Given all the posts about the recent school shooting in Florida, I have been wondering if we as a community need to come up with something that may help to begin changes.

The teachers are the ones who see these children daily. They see the social breakdown, family problems, emotional changes before any of us. The teachers are the ones who would, with their own bodies shield a child and possibly lose their own lives. The teachers need to be heard. Some of these teachers have better ideas than our own politicians, teachers know the system better then you or I do. 

Every time a tragedy like this occurs it’s the same play out; 

1-prayers(nothing wrong with that)but no actions. 

2-we blame the democrats or republicans.

3-our politicians debate and make promises that are never put into actions.

4-everything goes back to normal.

Maybe we as a community need to get the ball rolling.

My question is; how do we hold some type of community talk? 

Who do we contact?

Can we just hold a community talk with teachers in the public library or school cafeteria? 

Teachers need to be heard and together just maybe we can be the beginning of some type of change.

Our children reflect us

I’ve decided to not use a picture for this post.

This was written raw and out of sheer frustrations for our youth, in light of today’s shooting in Florida..I apologize for the harsh language 

Our kids reflect us
Could we just get back to being humans and showing some humanity. Could we just stop crowding the disease with symptoms and just start dealing with some of this crap…

Could we just for a minute stop all this “whose better than who, who deserves more, who has more, who did or didn’t do something.” Our kids are dying for god sakes. If it’s not guns, it’s drugs, if it’s not drugs it’s suicide. What more has to happen. We have stolen our children’s futures and for what? So i could be more right than you.

You can push your damn agendas for guns this and guns that, but still your ignoring the problems. 

This is what we are creating for them? Who in the hell gave us the right. We are no different then the “system” we claim to hate. Do we even really know what the system is, no we don’t, not by our actions and arguing anyway. The system we swear to stand against and defeat for the sake of our kids. We are all has guilty as the next. No one is free from that. 

Just for a minute stop…it’s enough..no one needs to hear your voice again, these kids need help, they need solutions not hashtags, or clever memes.  

You know what I’ll probably read on some damn site, “probably a white boy.” That will bring an argument, “bet they won’t call him a terrorist. Bet he’ll get off.” Well isn’t that a clever and productive bullshit conversation. That will really get us somewhere. And we know the system..bullshit..we know nothing..

All of this does nothing more then feed the beast but go ahead keep hashtagging. God forbid we come together as a humanity and do something but oh we can’t because we all hate each other to much. Well bravo humanity, here’s another one for your awakened self..

Rant over

First interview 

Above is the link to my first interview. A glimpse into me and the emotional rock bottom that change my life. Helping me to become me.

I’ve come to see, the more truth you come to about yourself the more you demand it from the world and it’s structures around you.

For anyone able to view, thank you in advance. 

Thank you 

The interview is in prepping stages and will be out soon. My first interview, nervous but thankful. 

All of this started a 45 years old and four years later I’m in a place I never expected. I had never intended to have a blog or a company that would take any interest in what I had to say. I had never expected to enter my first bouldering competition at the age of 45. All of this has taken a life of its own and I don’t feel as though I placed myself here but life put me here in this place. 

I’d like to thank everyone for reading the pieces I put out. All of your support and encouragement has helped me immensely. 

I don’t have the channel for this interview yet but I will soon, and links one being you tube.  

Personal share 

I just got word this morning that the race and relations conversation kiki and myself had, is now being featured in new haven Connecticut..

What this shows me, people want to have open and genuine conversations to better understand each other. It’s my hope that neither side gets lost and generalizes everyone into the same category, this act can become dangerous as I hope we have learned from days past. No one is immune from becoming the very thing they disdain. Sometimes this disdain happens slowly and most of the time we are unaware. 

To anyone who has viewed this, thank you!! 

I am now getting prepared for my sit down interview to discuss rock climbing and writing. Well wishes for this are appreciated 


Despite all initial fears, hesitations created by backlash, yesterday’s tapping of the race and relations discussion went very well. 

We had a chance to discuss personal experiences. Created divisions and much more.

The editing process is going on now, we will have a chance to review the finished product and once the okay is given it will aired and links will be provided. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, taking the time to read through some of my pieces and offering encouragement. I’m so used to putting most of my thoughts on paper, yesterday was a whole new experience for me and my friend kiki. Everyone seemed pleased with the discussion and feels as though we may be onto something. There’s talks of making this into a type of series but one step at a time.