Just received word that a small book of my writings will be published!!

Working on a book cover now and details. Publisher enjoyed the manuscript sent and a book will soon be available..

I need to thank everyone who follows me for all their encouragement, conversations and loyalty. I do my best to follow everyone back but sometimes I lose track, my apologies for that.

This journey started a little over 5 years ago and has taken much to find my voice. Many of you have helped me do that…

I will keep everyone posted on the availability of the book and just informed on progress.

The picture below has always been one of my favorites. This image will be a sketched by a designer and used for the cover.

Thank you again so much!!!


Love can be

Love can be as healing has it is destructive.

Love can be as toxic has it is cleansing.

Love can be as selfish has it is selfless.

Love can be as pure has it is impure.

Love can as addictive has it is sobering.

Love can come into your life in many different forms, all are teachers:

Destructive love will teach healing.

Toxic love will bring the heart to desire cleansing.

Selfish love will guide the heart to selfless passions.

Impure love will teach the heart of purity.

Love addictive can pour into the spirit desires for sobriety.

Poets of New England

This will be a first for me. One of my pieces titled “not all but most,” will be published in the poets of New England available on Amazon for purchase. In a few months will also be available in some book stores.

My next step is to put a book together of selected pieces and hopefully have published through “underground writers association who works with indie publishing.”

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their continued encouragement. For sticking with me.

I consider this moment to be yours as much as it is my moment…