Personal moments 

I’ve been working on a few projects.1-On January 9th there will be a prerecorded dialogue between me and good friend kiki(for short), we will be discussing race relations, sharing stories and this will be broadcast on tv and you tube. I will share the link soon as the link is available.

2-A woman by the name of Gina contacted me and had asked If id be interested in sharing my story. The interview will be a half hour, one on one and available on you tube and the PBS channel. 

I’m nervous about both but excited to be sharing views and an over all discussion about how I have been brought to this place in my life. 

I will share this link also when available…

Today was a day to distribute gifts and there was a young boy there who caught my attention. All I could think when I saw him was,

“All is well with the world. Today there is no young boy clothed in poverty. Today, even if it’s just for a moment all was well, a little magical and overwhelming for him.” 

As I endeavor into more writing and my up coming projects, the focus will be about solutions for all, not based on skin color or culture, gender or economic status, just simply people. 

Here is a picture i was able to capture of the young boy today… #timeforsolutions


MacDonald’s has always existed 

“Everything new is from days of oldAmerica has done nothing more then place history in pressed shirts and sneakers holding i phones, kindles and a large coffee two creams and two sugars. Once again missing the bigger picture.” 
History walks streets paved with anorexia structures of yesterday.

All that is 

has been before.

Everything new is from days of old.

Conversations of today were spoken yesterday. 

There’s a version of history spoken by the victor and defeated with the same riddled tongues twist of tales. 

If history could speak I’m convinced this would be said;

Macdonalds has always existed. 

I am no different than yesterday, 

you have simply clothed me in


cell phones 

the rhetoric of social media 

I pads and kindles to market days past to justify present day hatreds. 

In the endeavor of men and women to find the newness of life they have discarded the body and to the highest bidder repeal self. 

The warmth of the sun has dimmed and the moon casts warmth. 

Truth has become lies and right has become wrong.





of a group is still the same self hatred,  

for the same reasons 

it was in days old. 

The head of history bows and hides itself in 

I phones 

I pads and kindles 


the lies and truth of today being the lies and truth of yesterday. 


Becoming puppets 

Americas system


in years past

shaken hands with the devil,  

i will not close the eyes that see

the mind that knows 

the soul that feels

the voice that speaks 


the forming of kings and queens 

to whom you must submit

become like 

think like 

the pen must write of their willed agendas

desires of the lower nature 

to control 

through social media 


words white washed for 



approval of the system


so now I see what it means 

to become 

approved of the white system

demanding conformity.



must sell parts of myself 

to write of stories filled with hope

while walls are falling,

words for the left or right wing 


so now I must 

in a country claiming freedoms, choose? 

Do I not have the right to refuse to blindly follow the political circus? 

Do I not have the right to speak against both? 

Both parties are



self righteous 

demi gods


that see us as animals needing order

feeding us from their 

tables of controlled chaos

foods of division 

offered to those for sale.

Lead skies 

Invaders hang from the sky above, chasing away my sun, mornings and child. From lead skies I come, wrapped in the arms of my enemy.”  -beth

I had the opportunity to speak with a refugee, 

she had come from lead skies, 

her land torn from war, and an uprising of terrorist. 

Writing this prose had taken me some time. Insights to war that have changed me and caused me to question my own understandings of war and wars complexities. My views on war have been pale and short sighted until I met her. She said this to me and I’ll never forget it, stills rings through me. “I have come to be wrapped in the arms of my hidden enemy but of this I dare not speak.” 

For those interested the link below will bring you to the prose. For some this maybe triggering. 

I hope that I have given her words life and her voice a platform. 

Thank you to all who read this.