I sat with the beasts of the field. 

“Natures learns nothing from hunaites knowledge, there a no lessons the beasts of the field can learn from us.” 

I sat with all that is wild

envied freedom

desiring to breathe the breath of the untamed,

for all that is ungoverned shows to be more lawful and all governed lawless. 

Humanity lay 




impoverished in knowledge

before the beasts of the field. 

Nature learns nothing from humanity 

there are no 



lessons to be taught,

the lion and the lamb have laid together for common good. 

There is no gold or silver she desires,

the beast of the field 



wake and sleep apart from humanities instructions. 

Kings and queens desperate to own the earth 

destroy that which they cannot control, 

humanities rulers 

have yet to make the stars dance 

the sun rise and call forth day

the moon set and call forth night, 

the seas to voyage beyond their boundaries by mans commanding her waves to cross. 

The beasts have declared to men/women, not all knowledge is knowledgeable but rather,




Personal moments 

I’ve been working on a few projects.1-On January 9th there will be a prerecorded dialogue between me and good friend kiki(for short), we will be discussing race relations, sharing stories and this will be broadcast on tv and you tube. I will share the link soon as the link is available.

2-A woman by the name of Gina contacted me and had asked If id be interested in sharing my story. The interview will be a half hour, one on one and available on you tube and the PBS channel. 

I’m nervous about both but excited to be sharing views and an over all discussion about how I have been brought to this place in my life. 

I will share this link also when available…

Today was a day to distribute gifts and there was a young boy there who caught my attention. All I could think when I saw him was,

“All is well with the world. Today there is no young boy clothed in poverty. Today, even if it’s just for a moment all was well, a little magical and overwhelming for him.” 

As I endeavor into more writing and my up coming projects, the focus will be about solutions for all, not based on skin color or culture, gender or economic status, just simply people. 

Here is a picture i was able to capture of the young boy today… #timeforsolutions

The failure to see

“I have looked at the world and have failed to see the painting.”

If all you do is look at hope you never see hopes reasons.

If all you do is look at joy you miss the sweetness of sorrows.

If all you do is look at wars you’ll never see the battles.

If all you do is look at colors you’ll never see the oppressions.

If all you do is label and categorize, you’ll never see the kings and queens handing out the colored markers.

If all you do is look at people you’ll never see the strings.

I have looked at the world and have failed to see the painting.

Time to get uncomfortable 

We need to address the issues plaguing America, 


neatly tucked away in;



battling one another and expecting conformity to what we deem a higher thought.

We need to stop fighting one another and start fighting for one another.

Stop inflating symptoms and start dealing with the disease.

Waking up even if it’s more comfortable to stay asleep.

Rich and working poor

Rich and working poor..

You should know them,

they created your poor






money divides. 

Death is the equality,

cries will sound the same.  

Neither will have enough to survive, 

to buy life from a grave.  

The questions will be greater at the end than through out life itself.  

Men and women in their endeavors for equal rights separate humanity,

they will never be equal to the working poor’s 

paycheck to paycheck 

a day away from unemployed 


echoes of hunger. 

The poor are the riches illness




Of their own hearts 







class survival.

Nothing more than a wire

Remidies will never bring a solution but rather, creates more problems.” -beth

Life, nothing more than a wire..

The mind on chaos 

can never really connect.

Every need met through a wire.

Constantly staring into empty.

A device we worship more then worships us.

Enslaved to 5g speed.

Depressed we seek for hope,

commercials offer the remedy,

take daily for life.

Escapisms at the touch of a button.

We can love and never touch,

live and never move,

look and never see,

listen and never hear, 

the poverty on the streets.

While push our carts trough stop and shop,

throw a can into the box,

make a dent in hunger,

good deed done 

onto Dunkin’ Donuts, 

even no there’s no solution. 

Search through face book 

and know how perfectly flawed you are,

so the books will sell.

Ever seeking to be one with humanity,

we dig into an abyss on google 

isolated in a hole,

the stains won’t wash off,

One more pill.

We’ll never feel,

life has become nothing more than a wire.