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Leave me fair..


Bound in another’s cage

“Trying to live off another’s freedom will do nothing more then put you in the cage from which they were set free.” -bt

You can’t live of off someone else’s experiences and expect to walk your journey and find a personal free.

What works for one may be another’s failure.

What one calls gains, another may have losses.

What heals one may break another.

What frees one may bind another.

The art of self deception

The art of self deception..

I have shown greater loyalty to my enemies,

disloyalty to my greatest friends.

I have spoken truth to the hearer,

clothed in compromise.

I have stood for fairness

prayed for rightness of wages for the working poor while bowing

to the rich mans gods of plated gold, clutching my pockets.

I have believed and disbelieved equally

while speaking faith.

I have done good and said, “I’m not doing this for a pat on the back, i just want to encourage kindness.”

yet deep down desiring praises.

I have spoken against the arrogant

while turning my head to beggar of mercy.

I have yelled for justice

while handing out injustices to the innocent.

I have spoken against the sinner

while sinning against my neighbor.

I have seen the truth of self with a blind eye.

I have heard the voice of conscious

with a deaf ear.

I have claimed to be 100% right

knowing I was 50% wrong.

I have claimed to be awake

while asleep.

I have played the fool to deception

tempting what is greater

shouting victories

while carrying losses.

I have sold my own self for the sake of deceptions art.

Race and relations part 2

“Every story written is slighted by the hands of men/women.” -beth

This is the short link to race and relations part 2. “They influence our narratives.”

When the word they is used this is what’s meant;


2-social sites(articles, news clips.)



5-corporate American structure/system

6-political parties

7-corporate marchers, warriors, human rights activity and monologues

These are a few sources that influence our thoughts, emotions, love or hatred and actions.

These structures entities have the ability to form someone’s perceptions through a simple picture or word. These simplistic tactics can drive people towards unity or divisions.

My personal thoughts on unity or today’s push for unity; the more unity(everyone thinking the same) the more divisions you create.

The politically correct movement has created more branches of a problem then any type of resolutions.

Anyway here’s the public link to a preview version.