Happy New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve to all friends throughout the world.


May we find chaos turn to peace.

May we find bitterness turn to healing.

May we find broken turn to blank pages to finish the story.

May we find darkness turn to light.

May we find hopeless turn to hope.

May we find anger turn to dance.

May we find lonely turn to fullness.

May we find lost turn to redemption.

May we seek in wonderment and awe



celebrate the gift of a moment and the breath given.


(Picture curtsey of Kent)


This began yesterday

Nothing begins today…

Everything that is today

began yesterday.

Every word read of yesterday is today.

Every act of love today began yesterday

every act of hate today began yesterday.

Every war today began yesterday.

Every fear today began yesterday.

We missed yesterday and feel that today.

We are here in this place because we missed yesterday.


In the gray of nothingness

emptiness hands her gifts wrapped barrenly,

exposing the ills of a human heart until accountability is met, setting free the self imprisoned.

All deeds done, will be meet by the being of nothingness exposing the stain of goodness, what is truly of good can be given without expected recompense.

All that is nonexistent, exists.

All that is of an ending, begins.

All that is lonely will grow to become truly complete.

Some that has been lost will remain gone, absorbed into empties box for not all lost should be found.

All forgotten will be remembered, images haunting the mind will demand peace be made, setting the afflicted free.

Nothingness will weigh the unbalanced, emptiness will balance the wings.

Emptiness will bring to life the silence hidden in every spoken word handing truth to the weary.

All is naked before and within nothingness and emptiness,

all is born and reborn

all wisdoms are unclothed for there are no shadows to hide within.

Justice and injustice

“All injustices began in the name of justice.”

There are moments when injustice will show as justice.

As rumor spreads of a possible civil war in America through a demand for justice and equality(among other things),

will it be so?

Can true justice and equality thrive in a country of chaos and bipolar politics?

The streets will be filled and are with cries “no justice, no peace!”

Cries from a country that knows war and has yet to see peace,

Cries of justice from a country that funds injustice.

We know neither peace nor justice well.

I have wrestled with this thought many nights and have come to the conclusion,

social justice holds social injustice under the guise “for the common good”

but who determines what the common good is?

by whose standards?

In our current society separations

between right and left escalate


if one fails to agree with the collective narrative

you are unjust, there is no discussion


has social justice become an excuse for state control,

for arrogance and a broad show of narcissism that all agree and conform to this supreme thought?

Are men and women that incapable of being just and holding justice without injustice at its root?

Upon the examining of my own heart

I have meet both justice and injustice.

I have stood for justice and unjustly hoped for benefit.

I have read of social plights but only those that have supported my view.

I have stood for the common good but yet have found utter corruption at the root.

Justice is not the problem nor is injustice

for both are needed

justice for those treated wrongly,

injustice for those treated favorably.

Men and women have taken a balanced system and corrupted her





Justice itself cannot be corrupt unless men and women fill her with injustice.

I have seen more iniquity in justice and in its name than in injustice,

as I have found more moral blindness

and wickedness in something as beautiful as compassion

for there are true forms and false.

Dare I ask in our current social environment

a question to part with,

is it just to treat everyone as equals,

to treat those unequal as equal

to treat those equal as unequal?

Would we not benefit from a system that sees what is equal and unequal

and upholds both,

in society that may function equally according to their own talents?

So in closing if we were not afraid to

examine our own hearts

we would see

most injustices began with justice.

A parting thought,

If injustices prevail and dominate socially does injustice now become justice?

This is woke?

This is woke?

Everyone’s woke

and yet so blind no one can truly see

all has been




lies and truths on both sides

to keep the fire of vengeance burning inside the new woke.

We still hate

pledge no segregation and yet build the walls,

We fight against a wall and yet gladly build them in neighborhoods and school yards,

lust to be supreme

a fleshy desiring after a new god to reign

the new intellectualism heard in screams and memes.

The days of old are the days of new,

this will always be about division and race

there’s is no other way for the system of elite men/women to be set free

to profit from a people desiring hate rather then peace.

Possessor of all, possessor of nothing.

“We are all capable being the oppressor, binding the oppressed to free the master of self preservation.”

None are free

We the people are all equally

Prejudice – fair

Intolerant – tolerant

judged – judges

vindictive – merciful

segregationist – moderates

humane – inhumane

supremacists – subservients

Liars – honest





We the people equally posses all

for we are a mixture of what is good and what is evil,

constantly at war without

constantly at war within.