Assembly line 

The assembly line.

How easy it was to create us


Born into hopeless 

What is more dangerous than hopelessness? The lie of hope. -beth 

Until we understand where 
hopeless comes from

for those born into her 

she produces

prisons, for many a starting point in life

theives, not all who steal are criminals 

dealers,  for most this is to provide 

we can never offer true hope.

Many are born into hopeless and they will run life from a constant end.

Many hope spewers are born blind  

rambling cliches

posting the latest memes,

“work for harder and hope will come” says those born into hope 

offering  charitable acts without solutions to simply appease their own conscious, they know nothing of real hope for it they had they would understand,

not all hope is real but rather a selling point, 

a lie

to justify the truth and realities of  being born into hopelessness. 

Time to get uncomfortable 

We need to address the issues plaguing America, 


neatly tucked away in;



battling one another and expecting conformity to what we deem a higher thought.

We need to stop fighting one another and start fighting for one another.

Stop inflating symptoms and start dealing with the disease.

Waking up even if it’s more comfortable to stay asleep.

Taking a knee 

“The freedoms you take from someone, will someday be taken from you.” 
**these are just my thoughts. Sometimes a bold stance is necessary. In light of my fb being lite up with arguing I’ve just posted some thoughts.** 
Taking a knee…
In light of all being said about taking a knee 

these are my thoughts.
We will start with the counter argument,

“Your disrespecting those that died in war! If you done like this country leave!”

My thoughts to those arguments,

They died for all “freedoms” not just a select group of freedoms. 

They died for the freedom to stand and for the freedom to kneel.

Initially a knee was never bowed in disrespect to any service men or women but rather to the direction this country is headed in. 
The flag represents different things to different ethnic groups, for some it is 


for some the flag is stained 

for some it means something entirely different,

yet each has the freedom to voice this, 

if not then we are not “free.” 

But it was never about the flag, it was about the country and her injustices gone overlooked. 

We have moved away from listening to reacting emotionally.

We have moved away from a man who might of had some very real, very raw concerns but no one was listening just reacting. 
Anyway I will end it here.

-My freedoms and your freedoms are different and vary for each group, whether we admit that or not doesn’t change what reality is or isn’t for many.

-I believe in freedom although freedom it self is collapsing and ever changing her face. There is a time for bold stance and a time for kneeling. 

-Freedom shouldn’t be about complete conformity

because many disagree with how someone exercises that freedom, what if your “freedom” is affected someday?

Is that anyway to respect those who served? If we are okay with freedom as long as it doesn’t cause discomfort to our world, is that freedom or conformity to what you feel is right? 

-This was never about the flag but it has however become completely political now and the reasons will soon be lost. 

-the freedoms you take from another will someday be taken from you. 

-someday you will need to stand and be made to bow

-someday you will need to kneel and be made to stand. 

Be careful,

not to fight without listening..