Assembly line 

The assembly line.

How easy it was to create us


Welcome to the show

Welcome to the show,  a land of carefully crafted tents to hide ill desires. 

Men and women of prestige 

fashioned with political agendas 

trying desperately to nail up pieces of a tent with excuses clothed in well paid lawyers

for the right price 

ill lusts rationed away. 

Welcome to the show, 

masses of directors 

and storytellers speaking 

rhythmic riddles to pacify an anxious following.

Welcome to the show,  

parades of men and women bargaining with darkness 

“hold these secret sins awhile longer!”

Darkness has refused. 

Flesh decaying of its own disease now hungers in light. 

Welcome to the show…

Humanities madness exposed 

“We live in a age of exposure, darkness will no longer hide humanities madness.” -beth
“It is not the light that reveals true humanity but rather darkness.  Wickedness  feels more safe there and will roam freely. Light will only show what has always been.” -beth 
What we are has already been written.
We have been warned 

of bodies 

bathed in humanities cliches 

tainted stanzas 

broken rhythms 

stripped bare by natures storms 

drowning in waters of confusion 

souls burned by the glare of the sun,

minds falling 

the darkness no longer a safety 

for evils done in darkness, 

minds of humanity 

exposed by the madness of the moon. 

Human cattle 

“I have never seen so many easily become the systems human cattle, walking one another to slaughter” 
We are all servants 


none is given more innocence than the other. 

None is given more guilty than the other. 

None is free from guilt nor blame. 

None more right than the other. 

None more wrong than the other.

None have a blameless history there is guilt to be had everywhere, atrocities taken and given by all. 

None are free from oppressions each color has their own but none see this, 

none listen to what is outside of their color.  

We are all feed as much truth as lies, 

innocence as guilt 

and justice as injustice 

None are free. 

We are all products of the same system,

nothing more than carbon copies 



by the same ruling classes

we fight in their name 

for their causes,

we are bound men and women 

we are their products 

human cattle sacrificing one another to slaughter 

feasting on crumbs 

left by a system that remains free off the backs of our servitude and stupidity. 


A trait of a society crumbling.

a constant push of click baits

half narratives 

labels for every brand of belief  

hiding histories full story 

manipulation through a simple picture 

experts because they type some info into googles search engine

never stepping foot in 

the inner cites 


working hours of the middle class, 

yet ignorantly displaying pictures of both, 

memes with clever little texts that hold nothing real expect the threat of a copyright violation. 

Rallying of fringe groups to stand for social injustices all the while creating them by 

redistributing poverty and denying the redistribution of wealth. 

Left and right wing news sites 

fueling the ignorant only to make them feel better about their bitterness, 



demonization of one another. 

A government becomes what it is through the acceptance of a willfully ignorant people fueled by arrogance.