lassoed her own moon,


pretended it was you.


The mocker


the truth of self exposed before the thunders of heaven.


emotionally naked before all that is unseen,

every breath carries a sarcastic cry:

I have sought love amongst the hateful,

mocking the lover.

I have sought forgiveness amongst the unforgiven,

mocking the pardoned.

I have sought truth amongst liars,

mocking certainty.

I have sought tears amongst the joyful,

mocking laughter.

I have sought freedom amongst prisoners,

mocking release.

I have sought a jury amongst judges,

mocking civility.

I have sought riches from amongst the poor,

mocking charity.

I have sought healing amongst the fractured,

mocking epiphanies.

I have mocked the joker and none understood.

Love can be

Love can be as healing has it is destructive.

Love can be as toxic has it is cleansing.

Love can be as selfish has it is selfless.

Love can be as pure has it is impure.

Love can as addictive has it is sobering.

Love can come into your life in many different forms, all are teachers:

Destructive love will teach healing.

Toxic love will bring the heart to desire cleansing.

Selfish love will guide the heart to selfless passions.

Impure love will teach the heart of purity.

Love addictive can pour into the spirit desires for sobriety.


Despite the outpouring of backlash from the working class, Connecticut is still considering the grocery tax and medication tax.

I urge those local to me to call and voice concerns:


Remember those on food stamps will be affected also. The only ones who will not be pained by this are Connecticuts elected officials.


None of these politicians care about the working class.

These politicians got CT in a hole and whose paying the price for their failures? We, the working class, this isn’t affecting the politicians.

What politician is rationing food, rationing medications because of stagnant wages, high taxes and cost of living increases? Not one politician will have to ration the amount of food put on their plate, not one politician will have to visit the food pantry, not one will have to ration medications because of these taxes.

I’d like to ask Lamont and the rest of them, how are we suppose to survive, whose going to be there for the working class being plundered into poverty by the hands of their own government.

Where’s blumenthal, Murphy and Delarosa? Where’s their speeches for the working class and how unjust this is? No where. Not one of them calling for a protest, a resistance or holding a speech to speak about how grave this will be for so many, including the elderly.

Where’s the call for humanity now?

Nice job CT officials.

Power to who?

“All we are really doing is fighting to strip power away from the people and place that power into the hands of the mighty.”

Power to the people

an illusion

from the table of the powers that be

crumbs to the people

the powerful direct our fight,

they choose our villain

tell us,

“you must! The days are numbered!”


we hold clench our fists






all in the name of globalization,

without a thought

without a question

we move powerless against the powerful.

Politicians give us the thoughts

the voice to scream,

The media gives us the


photos that build

drunken delusional rages

or they teach us to love what is evil and

burn those who speak against the myth of power to the people.

Possible publisher

Some good news from a possible publisher.

Emily Hitchcock CEO of Boyle & Dalton has reviewed some of my work found on spill words.

The pieces she is most interested in are, the series “voices on skin.”

I’ve sent in more work for review and I am hoping to hear back 🙏🏽 as to whether or not my work accepted.

The waiting is the worst but then again, I never imagined any of this would happen.

I’d like yo thank everyone for your support, encouragement and sticking with me through my ramblings.

Resemblance spoke

“It is all but a mirror,

meant to reflect

not to be seen.”

The resemblance spoke;

it is but a reflection,

to you,

this mask is honesty.

A dimming of light,

the role seems noble, the deeds hide in darkened corners. The heart agonizing for there is no verity.

A light in fullness,

the role is unclothed,

the mirror can no longer hold the reflection,

light has stripped the glass of power to return what pleases.

Intentions bare

reasons lay upon the street unadulterated,

the seduction of earthly powers have scattered and hid in the recesses of vastness.

What will you do now?

You who have sold resemblances as truth, purposely deceiving the minds of men/women.

Your own mirrors have sold you to light,

naked and guilty you stand before moralities seat.

Weep oh mighty ones,

truth will come to the many you’ve turned into warring beggars..