First interview 

Above is the link to my first interview. A glimpse into me and the emotional rock bottom that change my life. Helping me to become me.

I’ve come to see, the more truth you come to about yourself the more you demand it from the world and it’s structures around you.

For anyone able to view, thank you in advance. 

The poet

    This is my first published piece of poetry. I’m hoping that any one who is able to take a look at this enjoys it. I appreciate anyone’s time..thank you..alittle nervous it may not go over so’s the link 

Rising from ashes. The souls process of birth

     Formed through the whispers of self doubt. Created trough adversity and passions that outweigh any spoken definition. Break from within and new life forms causing all pretenses without to die, allowing all that is real, raw, and of truth to plant itself.   

     I’ve climbed here before but not like this, something new was forging itself through this vessel of existence I had become. 

     Many have asked me, “what do you see when you look at these rocks?” I probably see what most don’t. I see self rising from ashes. Rising from pain, tired, vanities, consequence of choices, and a self that had never dared to live because of the paved road I was on, a path created by others.  I needed to seperate from this path and all that is familiar. I’ve come to learn and understand this, if was going to choose to seperate from what’s toxic(no matter what that toxic is to you), I’m not only making a decision about the “thing,” I’m making a choice, a decision about myself, a choice to remain in ashes or to rise from it.  This rock represents that to me; the souls process of birth, a rise from ashes..



Scars engraved 

     This rock has defined my story, told through every scar engraved upon my body. Every scar earned and defined by no other definition than my own. 

     These scars tell a story of becoming self defined by no other voice than that of, passion, struggle, weakness, victory, failure, and strength. 

     Every scar carries an unspoken story to my journey, a story not defined by anyone else’s stanndards and constantly in motion. 

     Every scar on my body is reflective to holding on a letting go.


To bring everyone up to date. I’ve recently excepted an offer to be “brand ambassador” for an athletic company, “savage athletic co” they have asked me to contribute writings, motivational images, promo poster and photos in their clothing. I accepted the offer because this company best reflects were I am in my life. I look forward to this part of the journey. I also want to take a moment to thank everyone for taking an interest in my blog. I’m working on a story to post soon. 

The province of weakness

     Before strength can ever exist within, the utterances of weakness must be embraced. 

     Allow weakness to have it’s perfect work in you and frailty will become strength. 

     People have asked me, “where does your strength come from?” The best answer I can give is this, ” I’ve learned to embrace weakness and heed it’s teaching. Strong needs a place to create itself , and it’s  birth is rooted in frailty.”  

     Weakness dosent just go away. You can’t eradicate it. Weakness is there for a reason and it’s purpose is to teach you  how to be well founded. It’s desire is to birth within you unwavering strength, planted as a seed in frailty that you be well made. 

     Weakness is a mere mirror upon the soul reflecting a growth that needs to occur. 

     Just as the hand needs to be rooted to the arm to function, so strength needs frailty. 

     The journey to recreate my life began with a fall, exposing my weaknesses. I’ve learned to embrace the teachings of weakness, for without them growth would have been impossible.  

A personal glimpse

       The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.-Terry Prachett.

      The final draft is my story being told to others, felt and heard through language carefully chosen.-Beth 

      This journey began almost a year and half ago. I had no idea where any of this would lead. This unfolded before me and for those that have been following me on Instagram and Facebook. 

      I was recently asked to right a feature story for mountain moxie. Humbled by their interest I began to write my story. I’m thankful to say it was just published a few hours ago. It’s finally available to read at, and it’s called, starting over. Feeling grateful and relived..for those that decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it and it offers you encouragement and inspiration. I’m currently working on another story for Alpen climb.. 


A story behind the climb 

     Character cannot be developed in ease and quite. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.. -Helen Keller 

      It all seems so flawless, every move unwavering and without hesitation.

      There’s a story behind every climber and what appears to be an effortless send. Nothin begins completed and the send dosent just happen.

      September 15th, 7:30 am. I gather my gear together and head for the Catholes. Although it feels longer I’ve been working this route for 2 and 1/2 weeks. The beginning of this route has proven to be challenging, the size of the holds slightly beyond the strength of my fingers. 

I set myself for the first move to the route. With my left hand I reach for the second hold, push off with my right foot to have the rock crumble beneath my foot causing my right hand to slip, I’m left hanging by my left hand. I struggle to reposition my right hand as my foot sets itself on a more stable area of rock.

I haven’t completed this route but it will be worked continuously until it’s sent(completed). 

      In the beginning I would spend hours watching climbers complete routes without flaw. Each move like words to a poem carefully chosen and placed. 

      I’ve spent countless hours on the same rock battling fears, fustrations and the fight to control a wandering mind.

      The rock will leave it’s own reminder of why most quit. The success of a route isn’t just handed to any climber. Success is earned through torn skin,  aching fingers, bruises, blood and the battle to push beyond your own limitations. The flawless moves are earned through countless hours, staying when everyone leaves and understanding success forms itself through great struggle..