Beyond what is seen, lie shadows by which all things operate.” -beth

Half himself.

Half nightmare.

Half dream.

Half truth.

Half lies. 

A body of cloth, 

heads hollow, designed to be fitted over and over, manipulated by the hand. 

They are all an extension of the another. 

They follow what has already begun. 

They enforce what the other has made possible.

They are the puppets to another’s desire,

They are the story to an already written plot.

Puppets pulled by different strings.

The same cancer, just a different strain.

Lead skies 

Invaders hang from the sky above, chasing away my sun, mornings and child. From lead skies I come, wrapped in the arms of my enemy.”  -beth

I had the opportunity to speak with a refugee, 

she had come from lead skies, 

her land torn from war, and an uprising of terrorist. 

Writing this prose had taken me some time. Insights to war that have changed me and caused me to question my own understandings of war and wars complexities. My views on war have been pale and short sighted until I met her. She said this to me and I’ll never forget it, stills rings through me. “I have come to be wrapped in the arms of my hidden enemy but of this I dare not speak.” 

For those interested the link below will bring you to the prose. For some this maybe triggering. 

I hope that I have given her words life and her voice a platform. 

Thank you to all who read this. 



Until all voices matter, not all lives will.” -Beth 

What we fail to see is; 

what we remain silent about allows the wrong parts of governments to grow, the wrong parts of human nature to thrive, whether they be on the left or right. 

They all drink from the cup of humanity, drunkards sipping from our thoughts and spewing ideologies over the frailest parts of humanity. 


I closed my eyes to see.

Until we,

no matter the side can sit and hear without labeling and hate,

we encourage this great divide. 

The wrong parts of government will continue to grow, they will continue to feed us through establishment medias and of us, this torn humanity they will drink. 

In this America 

I laid in bed, wrapped in the freedoms of this country and when I woke, you forbid me to truly speak.”  -Beth 

In this America, 

in this era, truth seems to disdained, censored and erased. It is has simple as removing(temporarily banning)you from social media. 

In this America,

lies and truth war one another, through social medias, many focus on the minuet details rather then the bigger picture, the move behind the push.

In this America,

voice only matters if the words and stories conform. What is said and spoken against this conformity is where the war lay,

You’ve come and stood,

upon my doorstep, 

You’re a constant 

gaze through my window.

You ever attempt to silence me


I will speak of humanity and the rights being violated unjustly. 

Remaining silent on unjust wars and censorship only allows the wrong parts of government and human nature to grow. 

I will speak out for those of humanity that are displaced, the refugee and those opproessed through censorship(to name a few),

I will write for you that your humanity may find a home within me, that your wrong may find justice through a pen, that your voice silenced, may find expressions through paper. 

Side note; this is a factual expression. I have shared and spoken out the truth through social media and woke to find through a simple notice, I was temporarily removed(banned) from social media.

When truth is removed, only one thing can replace that…a lie….

Every lie carries a portion of truth, this is how a lie justifies the judge and any unjust actions the judge hands out. 

–this is not an anti trump post, it is however about the unjust dealings of a government and the silent war waging.  

Sorry for the what seems to be a rant but I am frustrated with what has transpired and my currently being temporarily banned. Comments are welcome and I will be glad to explain the reasons. Thank you for reading this

Violence begets 

All have an ideology, none are free. When the ideology is allowed to grow and bare fruits of hate leading to violence, all lose.” -Beth 

“A stand dosent have to be hateful or violent, it must be greater. It must be silent..” -Beth 

Violence begets a weakened fight for civil liberties and gives a self serving government more control.

They speak to us of history, the way they want us to hear it, show us images the way they want us to see them. 

I have seen violence destroy dreams.

I have seen violence destroy minds and races.

I have seen violence destroy divide and never untie.

I have seen violence walk free and silence arrested. Injustice free to roam,  justice sits behind concrete walls.

I have never seen violence change the world rather prison us. 

I have never seen violence change the world, only destroy and add to its moral, physical, and social decay.

For centuries they have kept me on my side and you on your side, I have never seen them truly try to unite us. What would happen if we united? Well, the question is much bigger then that, the question is this, “what would happen to them(leaders), if we united?”

It is not the color of skin, race or gender we need to question, rather those that lead. 

Instigators of hate, drag us to war, telling me it is you and telling you it is me. It is neither you or I but them our leaders that have brought us here, time and time again. 

They will instigate thoughts of a privileged group but it is they who are privileged, they have our sight and hearing, this we have handed to them. 

Instigators of war no matter what shore they attack, this war is for them not us, this war is for their privilege and supremacy(no matter race or gender) not ours. None of this is for you over there or for me over here. Understanding this will threaten all they are trying to build through proprigated wars. 

I have seen silence confound their world.

I have seen silence and all its actions deafen their desires and speech. 

I have seen silence disfigure a lie. For all built upon a lie, silence will change the very features of war, values and all materials built off the backs of men and women engaged in their battle.

I have seen the empires built from noise and I have seen a man stand, shoes of silence that cussed many to question it all. 

A stand dosent have to be violent or hateful, a stand must be greater, it must be silent..