Words return 

The words left to sow within empty ground 

returned back,  

from the seeds planted humanity reaped starved verses.



The moment you were born your body began growing old.

The moment you fear aging,
is the very moment youth is lost. 

The moment you realize everyone is bought and sold for a price, is the moment you begin to understand the system of men/women lording over you. 

The moment you discover the truth about yourself, you will in return demand it from the world around you.

Realize people will fight the oppressed rather than the oppressor, you will then understand humanities constant state of deliberate wars. 

Realize you will find a friend in your enemy and an enemy in your friends. 

Realize some of what happens to you, happens simply because of you and passing accountability to another will only prolong your state.

Realize your bitterness will find you, as you age you will have no choice but sleep with what you have ignored.

Understand that the poor have no boot straps, be careful about clever cliches that cloth reality.

Realize you don’t have to answer the door to everyone that knocks, not even yourself.

Everyone lies 

Everyone tells the truth 

Everyone’s heart is impure

Everyone lives 

Everyone returns to dust that shows no favoritism of race, gender or economic class. 

It all started with a cardboard box 

It all started with a card board box, evolving into 

a world of manufactured skin and languages.  

Playing god

recreating men and women 

made in the image of virtual reality 

artificial humans 

require no 






can work 24 hours a day with no demands 

requires no sleep. 

What is real must 


exist simply to 

love your new found servitude of artificial 







MacDonald’s has always existed 

“Everything new is from days of oldAmerica has done nothing more then place history in pressed shirts and sneakers holding i phones, kindles and a large coffee two creams and two sugars. Once again missing the bigger picture.” 
History walks streets paved with anorexia structures of yesterday.

All that is 

has been before.

Everything new is from days of old.

Conversations of today were spoken yesterday. 

There’s a version of history spoken by the victor and defeated with the same riddled tongues twist of tales. 

If history could speak I’m convinced this would be said;

Macdonalds has always existed. 

I am no different than yesterday, 

you have simply clothed me in


cell phones 

the rhetoric of social media 

I pads and kindles to market days past to justify present day hatreds. 

In the endeavor of men and women to find the newness of life they have discarded the body and to the highest bidder repeal self. 

The warmth of the sun has dimmed and the moon casts warmth. 

Truth has become lies and right has become wrong.





of a group is still the same self hatred,  

for the same reasons 

it was in days old. 

The head of history bows and hides itself in 

I phones 

I pads and kindles 


the lies and truth of today being the lies and truth of yesterday. 


Bathing in sleepless nights 

America has lost herself and her children. 

When motherhood is all you have left and you stand,  
on the edge of a parents insanity 

surrounding by anorexic structures of stone  

lost in the buisness of poverty 

popular hashtags label society 

unable to find the churches sanctuary, 

she can do nothing more 

then bathe herself in sleepless nights 

drowning in the vast emptiness of her childs tomorrow’s. 


It takes greater compassion to show none. That the soul of the lost be found and corrected. 

Compassion is not a mere word, 

compassion poured forth rightly

a virtuous strength to save the oppressed of rulers. 

Not all good deeds serve mankind, some severe.

Compassions best given to those of innocence and incapability.

If a man/woman is to hunger let be of his/her own choice and consequences be just without great compassion,


if a man/woman is brought to hunger although he/she works by the hands of his/her government and steal for food to continue to serve the corruption of leaders, let him/her be shown the greater compassion.