Cup of ills

You can only drink from the cup of ills for so long,

eventually you become the disease.

-beth tremaglio March 10th 2018


Perishing milk and honey 

“Every disease returns to the host, and a people must face their own deeds. Inwardly  the nurturer is consumed by its own ills.” 
Perishing milk and honey..

In this land want has given us the inability to recognize need amongst one another.
In this land of industry and profit poor has clothed itself in cheap labored cloth. We have made rich the oppressor and impoverished the oppressed, bounded with chains of debt.

In this land of fatted flesh and bones hunger no longer recognizes the hungry, 
the appetite has grown thin and can no longer feel the injustices committed upon the soul of the mistreated.

In this land sight has been taken away and given to the blind.

In this land hearing has been taken away and given to the deaf.

In this land faith has been taken away so the masses can serve a religion. 
In this land knowledge has been taken from the college educated and given to the college-less uneducated common worker. 

In this land hope has been taken and manufactured into a bargained brand. 
In this land a dream has been replaced with images and delusions. 
In this land peace has left and war triumphs. 

In this land we once stood,
poor with poor no matter the colors, unity has been taken away and given to injustice.

In this land we have turned our faces away from the slave and honored the persecutor but none saw, 
none cared, many don’t care until the injustice comes for them, knocks upon their door and stains their posts, we wonder why our cries fall upon deaf ears? 

In this land we feast from the plate of illnesses 
and have become the diseased, in this land perishing of milk and honey. 

-beth tremaglio march 7th 2018

No deed hidden 

No deed hidden
“Is there any who are free from blame? Is there any who has not fallen ill with want? Humanity, at the words of a taskmaster, is guilty of being the oppressor one to another both here and abroad.” 
The heavens engraved every cry of oppression towards humanity upon the skin of men and women. 

Every transgression allowed is an act of acceptance,  

which is nothing more then an an agreement for further acts of social, and economical injustices.

So the oppressed cry out

the heavens have deemed humanity guilty of complacency on Americas soil and abroad. 

We as a people carry each word hidden by cloth but seen by god,

acts of 

love and hate

guilt and innocence 

impure and pure 

deceptive and sincere 

selfish and selfless 

bitterness and forgiveness,

all written on a single body of flesh

for none are completely innocent nor completely guilty. 

We are all just as wrong as we are right,

just as unjust, 

in the end the body of flesh will be carried and held before the heavens,

the words written, the cries left unheard will declare all in need of mercy and forgiveness. 

-beth tremaglio march 5th 2018

Paper colors 

“Alone we fall, burning in a systems manipulated desires.” 
Alone paper colors will rise and fall

romancing thoughts of power 

to weak to bare. 

People severed by ideas of retribution

fed from the table of wolves who feast off the emotion of hatred.

Alone paper colors clothed in paper hopes struggling for dominance in the painted heavens hierarchy,

desiring to play a vengeful god among men and women for past sins of those pale, pawned in a game of monopolies but none understand for reason is lost. 

Alone paper colors fight against the sold crying for victory and yet manipulated to fight for the system that has slaved so many, 

fighting ghosts of the past through the living, history stuck in the minds of humanity repeating itself over and over until none are left. 

-beth tremaglio march 4, 2018

Jai ho

“Those who lead as if judgment will never reign over them, will fall naked before the people’s victory.” Beth 

Those who demand by the sword shall perish from its blade.
Those who live by the falsity of good works shall perish from its truth.
Those who take unjustly the necessities of man, women, and child for the luxury of the few, shall spend their days and nights in constant hunger and perish from an empty dish.
Those who take a single corporate bonus equivalent to a workers yearly salary shall be filled with the lifeless breath of a dollar and the soul of that person shall depreciate in value until he/she is judge by their own material luxuries. 
Those who live desiring an eye for eye will be left blind, lust will coarse through their veins unrestrained  destruction shall fall upon the heart of the man/women and none will see. 
Those put into elevated positions and feed their laborers food from the table of poverty will stager before the judgement seat of morality.
Judgment will cast before those who have elevated themselves crumbs from the table of the poor, they will hunger more than the poor for every crumb will be equal to their own doings. 

Those who walk about the earth as kings and queens will be cast down by his/her own lofty imagination. 
Those who seek to divide and romance her thought, will be remain in a state of hatreds constant birth and wax cold by her flame, perishing by the very waters meant to save. 
Those clothed in the finest cloth will appear naked before judgement, judged by the rags of their laborers.

Not all diseases carry the same symptoms 

“No matter who reigns it is the same disease just different symptoms” -BT

This is more of a personal write for a child who is going through an emotionally difficult place, for the lack of meals and clothing. 

If I could keep you here for a moment longer,I would let you run free

from the poverty that chases you,

from a system that has cursed you.

If I could tell you, 

“work hard enough and it will all be okay,”

I would 

but I can’t, all that has worked against you from birth is bigger than you.

If you could live here in this moment of constant sun

let you chase your own steps 

let you see and not fear the waves 

I would 


the impoverished bodies of 

mind and soul surround you 

they are in your home,







world of corporate do gooders.

This system won’t lift your poverty 

only tell you to fight harder and pull yourself up, if you don’t you will be labeled and put into an artificial box of “if you weren’t so lazy you’d be a head. You deserve this life. You didn’t make the right choices.” 

They don’t know where you come from, or the demons you battle at such a young age, 

the therapists will offer a pill for your sorrows and failures but your life will still be your own and none will care.

I wish I could let you run here, chase the birds 

and not a dream kids like you will never obtain.

I wish I could tell you that we, 

no matter our color will fight for you,

stand against this poverty you were born into,

fight to settle the hunger in your stomach 

but I can’t just yet

we are to busy fighting each other

to busy desiring power 

to busy wanting to be kings and queens that rule over one another,

i wish we could see you and all that we have taken, 

all that we will build off of your back 

all the profit we will make from your sufferings. 

I wish we could see but we are to blinded by our own diseases and desires 

we are to blind to see

for this disease

has consumed the 






of this so called humanity…

Our children reflect us

I’ve decided to not use a picture for this post.

This was written raw and out of sheer frustrations for our youth, in light of today’s shooting in Florida..I apologize for the harsh language 

Our kids reflect us
Could we just get back to being humans and showing some humanity. Could we just stop crowding the disease with symptoms and just start dealing with some of this crap…

Could we just for a minute stop all this “whose better than who, who deserves more, who has more, who did or didn’t do something.” Our kids are dying for god sakes. If it’s not guns, it’s drugs, if it’s not drugs it’s suicide. What more has to happen. We have stolen our children’s futures and for what? So i could be more right than you.

You can push your damn agendas for guns this and guns that, but still your ignoring the problems. 

This is what we are creating for them? Who in the hell gave us the right. We are no different then the “system” we claim to hate. Do we even really know what the system is, no we don’t, not by our actions and arguing anyway. The system we swear to stand against and defeat for the sake of our kids. We are all has guilty as the next. No one is free from that. 

Just for a minute stop…it’s one needs to hear your voice again, these kids need help, they need solutions not hashtags, or clever memes.  

You know what I’ll probably read on some damn site, “probably a white boy.” That will bring an argument, “bet they won’t call him a terrorist. Bet he’ll get off.” Well isn’t that a clever and productive bullshit conversation. That will really get us somewhere. And we know the system..bullshit..we know nothing..

All of this does nothing more then feed the beast but go ahead keep hashtagging. God forbid we come together as a humanity and do something but oh we can’t because we all hate each other to much. Well bravo humanity, here’s another one for your awakened self..

Rant over