Rich and working poor

Rich and working poor..

You should know them,

they created your poor






money divides. 

Death is the equality,

cries will sound the same.  

Neither will have enough to survive, 

to buy life from a grave.  

The questions will be greater at the end than through out life itself.  

Men and women in their endeavors for equal rights separate humanity,

they will never be equal to the working poor’s 

paycheck to paycheck 

a day away from unemployed 


echoes of hunger. 

The poor are the riches illness




Of their own hearts 







class survival.

For self preservation 

War beginsnot with skin, 





Guns of war

stir from threats by anything unlike it self,

blood on the hands of women and men 

for survival,

of race






Streets of democracy decaying 

for self preservation.

Streets of gold paved with the cries of the innocent.

Lies of the elect have brought us to,



crumbling societies 

structures no longer erect

wars in silence 

justify death.

Nothing more than a wire

Remidies will never bring a solution but rather, creates more problems.” -beth

Life, nothing more than a wire..

The mind on chaos 

can never really connect.

Every need met through a wire.

Constantly staring into empty.

A device we worship more then worships us.

Enslaved to 5g speed.

Depressed we seek for hope,

commercials offer the remedy,

take daily for life.

Escapisms at the touch of a button.

We can love and never touch,

live and never move,

look and never see,

listen and never hear, 

the poverty on the streets.

While push our carts trough stop and shop,

throw a can into the box,

make a dent in hunger,

good deed done 

onto Dunkin’ Donuts, 

even no there’s no solution. 

Search through face book 

and know how perfectly flawed you are,

so the books will sell.

Ever seeking to be one with humanity,

we dig into an abyss on google 

isolated in a hole,

the stains won’t wash off,

One more pill.

We’ll never feel,

life has become nothing more than a wire.

Destroying God

“It is not God destroying men and women rather it is men and women destroying God.”

It is not God that destroys man/women but rather men and women that destroy God.

We have turned God into a sellable item. 

We have placed God on a pedestal not to carry out gods beliefs but rather our own.

We have rewritten gods word for profitable books.

We have created god after our own imaginations. 

Many have a disdain towards God because we have created him to be a god likened to our own fleshy desires. 

We hold God accountable for the evils of men and women committing atrocities in his name, escaping all accountability for the evil desires lurking within. 

It is not God that destroys men and women it is us that have destroyed god and in return destroying self. 

America is lost

America is lost

In wasted addictions 

every feeling expressed at the click of a button, beyond an emoji we can know longer express ourselves, the phone must do that for us,

overloaded with information at high speed, unable to distinguish truth from lie

growing numb from all the positive vibes only, reality is lost.

chess pieces on a board

played one against the other

they tell you to fear this and then call you phobic for listening.

The cries of war we can know longer hear

The inner cities are burning but there’s no smoke and the cafes are still functioning, all is well here…carry on

to a job endless and stagnant, wages can no longer hold up the lifestyle, one more job.

America has lost her way 

America is losing herself 

We know this but the winery is open.