Behind closed doors 

We have talked of the poor but not of poverty and americas social sickness to think theft of the working poor’s pay has now become an earned profit. -beth


Born into hopeless 

What is more dangerous than hopelessness? The lie of hope. -beth 

Until we understand where 
hopeless comes from

for those born into her 

she produces

prisons, for many a starting point in life

theives, not all who steal are criminals 

dealers,  for most this is to provide 

we can never offer true hope.

Many are born into hopeless and they will run life from a constant end.

Many hope spewers are born blind  

rambling cliches

posting the latest memes,

“work for harder and hope will come” says those born into hope 

offering  charitable acts without solutions to simply appease their own conscious, they know nothing of real hope for it they had they would understand,

not all hope is real but rather a selling point, 

a lie

to justify the truth and realities of  being born into hopelessness. 

I have seen 

I have seen works of kindness be unkind.
I have seen works of selflessness show selfishness. 
I have seen works of humanitarianism be inhumane.
I have seen a pushing of equality create more inequality.
I have seen a fight for more livable wages redistribute more poverty.
I have seen a building of corporate America create less jobs. 
I have seen a war against racism birth more racists.
I have seen many articulate politicians say nothing.
I have seen many poets write about love and remain loveless.
I have seen many speak about the evolving of humans and yet a whole age is dumbed down by a simple cell phone. 
I have seen many claim to have great minds and yet thoughtless apart from a search bar. 
I have seen many experts knowledge-less. 
I have seen many say “for the good of us all” create more tyrants. 
I have seen greed in the rich and the poor. 
I have seen sin and evil prayers come from believers of gods.
I have seen many deny god and cry to him for fear of death. 
I have seen judgement replace accountability.
I see a world tossed into the waves of vanity, egotism and are reaping all that has been sown. 
I have seen many fall and yet think they are standing.
I have seen many schools but less education.
I have seen many fear silence and choose chaos. 
I have seen many talk of redistributing wealth and do nothing but spread poverty’s hunger. 
I have seen every protest and yet we are still here, protesting as if it was a new fight. 
I have seen every road repeat itself and yet we call it the road less traveled. 
I have seen much and yet nothing.

Time to get uncomfortable 

We need to address the issues plaguing America, 


neatly tucked away in;



battling one another and expecting conformity to what we deem a higher thought.

We need to stop fighting one another and start fighting for one another.

Stop inflating symptoms and start dealing with the disease.

Waking up even if it’s more comfortable to stay asleep.

Mirror mirror 

Mirror mirror do we see…
“For some freedom is gained. For some freedom is lost to a bodiless being.” 
The poor sent to war 
minds and souls 





for spoil. 

Met on foreign lands, 

an enemy,

bodily destroyed 


his being 

brought home from battle, 

tucked away in badges and bags 


scars of a young solider bleed for freedom

for a freedom lost

to dark tales of war 

never seen 

never spoken.