What I’ve learned at the yield sign

The yield sign holds more knowledge than a thousand books.

Has hard as loving someone can be, it’s easier to stay.

Love is an opiate to some, nothing more than a addiction. Some will say they love you without ever loving you, it’s all about your response feeding their emotional need.

If someone says they miss you and yet can’t find the time for you, believe they don’t miss you enough.

Waiting until your ready(in some cases), may be to late.

Every moment leaves an impression, creates in us something new or rebirths something old.

For every wrinkle diminished a new one shows.

People believe without gods or goddess they will be truly free,

every war is because of a god and will cease if god is eradicated,

but who told you that? The same assemblies that created the wars, the hatreds, the poverties, the injustices, and has turned people into commodities?

Caged birds sing as the uncaged bird does.

The person who robs the corner store is less of a threat than the political thief, a well dressed criminal by whom we are taught is the lesser evil and yet is the greatest criminal of all. Not all thieves carry weapons, some hold pens.

What you have been told is nothing compared to what you will learn.

Some poetry is written by dead men/woman and yet holds more life than the living poets word.

I have found more life in the dying than in the living.

There’s always a part of the story you don’t know.

The wise remain silent..until..

Forgiveness is never about the other person. Forgiveness is about you, freeing yourself from anger, from bitterness and darkness. Bitterness, anger and vengeance create according to their own seed and show themselves through illnesses(of both body and soul).

No one is worth that.

When someone hurts you, if not dealt with that pain stays and will only recreate itself in someone else’s life, hurting that one person you may truly care about. You can’t meme an emotion away,

you can’t sleep it away

you can’t distract it away

you will become that hurt.

Dealing with it is the only way through.

Accountability is lost.

People leave.

Life goes on.


Balanced on strings

“There will come and day when politicians, and corporations will own the body, soul and minds of men/women. We will welcome these new profiteers in the name of humanism.”

The sky had closed her doors,

the sun fell

the coldness of the ground remained.

The wings of an angel had turned to stone,


mercy hid her face,

the ledge held a constant beckoning sorrow


none could hear,

all had escaped through the backdoor

the foot planted on stones of hypocrisy.

Consumed by lust

drowning in knowledge,

at the turning of a page

men/women burned in hatred one toward another

holding a self proclaimed banner of righteousness


the judge has lowered the hammer,

the beggar has turned over the plate,

the storm has hidden the thunder,

the sea refuses calm turning only in constant rage,


the raven dried up her wing,

laid bare among bones

refusing to bargain any longer.

All have sold their




and have been left to the profiteers.

Love, the madness of sanity


the coldness of a fires rage.


The toxicity of pureness.


The madness of sanity.

A mix of heaven and hell

bursting forth from the same body,

hell has driven her to sanity


heaven has poured into her madness.


A drug for the addicts heart

desperate to fill a wound,

angels play with demons

demons play angels,

the fool

in his/her wisdom has loved both and cheated self for one more high.

And so she sat before sanity and madness to bargain one last time.

The mocker


the truth of self exposed before the thunders of heaven.


emotionally naked before all that is unseen,

every breath carries a sarcastic cry:

I have sought love amongst the hateful,

mocking the lover.

I have sought forgiveness amongst the unforgiven,

mocking the pardoned.

I have sought truth amongst liars,

mocking certainty.

I have sought tears amongst the joyful,

mocking laughter.

I have sought freedom amongst prisoners,

mocking release.

I have sought a jury amongst judges,

mocking civility.

I have sought riches from amongst the poor,

mocking charity.

I have sought healing amongst the fractured,

mocking epiphanies.

I have mocked the joker and none understood.

Love can be

Love can be as healing has it is destructive.

Love can be as toxic has it is cleansing.

Love can be as selfish has it is selfless.

Love can be as pure has it is impure.

Love can as addictive has it is sobering.

Love can come into your life in many different forms, all are teachers:

Destructive love will teach healing.

Toxic love will bring the heart to desire cleansing.

Selfish love will guide the heart to selfless passions.

Impure love will teach the heart of purity.

Love addictive can pour into the spirit desires for sobriety.


Despite the outpouring of backlash from the working class, Connecticut is still considering the grocery tax and medication tax.

I urge those local to me to call and voice concerns:


Remember those on food stamps will be affected also. The only ones who will not be pained by this are Connecticuts elected officials.


None of these politicians care about the working class.

These politicians got CT in a hole and whose paying the price for their failures? We, the working class, this isn’t affecting the politicians.

What politician is rationing food, rationing medications because of stagnant wages, high taxes and cost of living increases? Not one politician will have to ration the amount of food put on their plate, not one politician will have to visit the food pantry, not one will have to ration medications because of these taxes.

I’d like to ask Lamont and the rest of them, how are we suppose to survive, whose going to be there for the working class being plundered into poverty by the hands of their own government.

Where’s blumenthal, Murphy and Delarosa? Where’s their speeches for the working class and how unjust this is? No where. Not one of them calling for a protest, a resistance or holding a speech to speak about how grave this will be for so many, including the elderly.

Where’s the call for humanity now?

Nice job CT officials.