When sanity stumbles 

Logic and reason had asked insanity;”why do you spend so much of your life believing?”
Lips of insanity utters to what seemed to be sanity; 

“for the same reasons you spend so much of your time not believing.” 
For a moment insanities logic had confounded all that is sane.


Bathing in sleepless nights 

America has lost herself and her children. 

When motherhood is all you have left and you stand,  
on the edge of a parents insanity 

surrounding by anorexic structures of stone  

lost in the buisness of poverty 

popular hashtags label society 

unable to find the churches sanctuary, 

she can do nothing more 

then bathe herself in sleepless nights 

drowning in the vast emptiness of her childs tomorrow’s. 


It takes greater compassion to show none. That the soul of the lost be found and corrected. 

Compassion is not a mere word, 

compassion poured forth rightly

a virtuous strength to save the oppressed of rulers. 

Not all good deeds serve mankind, some severe.

Compassions best given to those of innocence and incapability.

If a man/woman is to hunger let be of his/her own choice and consequences be just without great compassion,


if a man/woman is brought to hunger although he/she works by the hands of his/her government and steal for food to continue to serve the corruption of leaders, let him/her be shown the greater compassion.