I’m not sure why anyone is surprised about today’s events.
You have one side targeting small businesses, burning, rioting and looting, people’s jobs and livelihoods being lost, chaos in the streets, and one side justifies all of it and the other side dosen’t.
Now you have a group of people that go after our politicians, breaching the capital and its ivory gates, going as far as to sit in Pelosi’s seat. Shots fired, damaged done.
Over the past 4 years we have had nothing but constant incitement’s from our politicians, this side is this and this side is that, creating an environment that pits everyone against the other, creating hatred all in the name of “for the common good of the people,” these leaders have lead us all to this place. Create division and then call for unity when they get what they want.
One side and all it’s supports are no better than the other.
Why are you so shocked by any of this, both sides have done their damage and yet we loyally stand by all of it, worshiping a political system that has driven its ppl to madness.
If you don’t understand why this happened then you’ve missed all of it.
All this chaos whether it be from the left or right will do nothing more then put the people in a more oppressive state.
I have nothing more to say, I’m thoroughly disappointed in all of it. I will not entertain any comments bashing on side while giving the other side a free ride.
One comment made today by president Biden, “our kids are watching this. Think about what they’re seeing.”
I’d like to add to that, our kids have been watching, they’ve watched businesses burn to the ground, hatred one toward another, people being beaten and threatened for a political party, streets filled with chaos and chanting, anger, and fire. So yes they’ve been watching for 4 years, they’ve been watching you and me destroy, hate, create division for power, burn, chant and attack one another. They’re still watching..

3 thoughts on “America

  1. This is just not a protest….when you hit the core, it creates a bigger chaos….The Capitol is that core…just like a church or a parliament or a temple of democracy…these issues can’t be taken care of by this siege…this can’t be a new way to protest…

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    1. I agree but chaos can be created with a simple spark and ignite in so many different ways. From what I’ve watched this moment was 4 years coming. The minute a Republican won, from day one it was none stop protests, articles, ridiculing, labeling, talk shows chimed in, plays in the park, corporations had a word to say about how awful it all was, politicians on the left made some terrible suggestions on what to do with conservatives, chanting, bullying any known conservative until they left a restaurant, AOC wanting names and address of anyone who voted for trump so they could go after them, and no one stood up and said this as inciting violence, or that he’s the president and ppl needed to respect that. From day one it was, “get him out of office, down with his supporters.” This was bound to happen. They went after the core because the core created it, they didn’t attack what didn’t create the root of the problem. I personally was saddened to see this happen but not surprised, I’m sure what will try to happen now is, invoke the 25th amendment to get trump out sooner. I would hope this isn’t the new way to protest. The whole thing is very sad and disheartening. Both sides have out done themselves this time and each side has pushed the other side to madness and reactionary responses.

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      1. Yes, I agree….in my view, the moment he became the POTUS in 2016, only chaos was going to come….of course, things have happened from both sides but this was inevitable coz a country chose him….but when the country chose another person than himself, he made a mockery of democracy….called citizens & voting system a fraud….and now this….yes, he did win 2016 but he was never a great POTUS, not just because of the opposition or the media….but also because of his own way of handling the things & his psycho behaviour (I’m sorry, that’s who he is)….yeah, the whole thing is very sad & disheartening….he should’ve left the office with some dignity…. but that’s not going to happen….

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