An explanation

The post I placed on social media about Nike and kaepernick had created some stir.

Many had felt my post was racist and a few were offended. One person had remarked, “this post is disgusting.”

I’d like to take a minute to expound.

I had stopped buying Nike shoes or clothing years ago, children working in sweatshops was the main reason. I had and still feel that Nike exploits these poorer countries for profit, creates environments or oppressing working conditions because there are no labor laws, uses a type of slave labor to produce their products.

I was an avid supporter of kaepernick. I believed in his reasons. I encountered a lot of backlash for that.

This is my bottom line, you can’t stand against injustice and allow yourself to be endorsed by a company that creates it. You can’t stand against oppression and allow yourself to be endorsed by a company that uses economically poor countries and creates environments of oppression for profits. Nike is very capable of taking a serious issue and exploiting that issue for profits. If Nike can exploit a child has young as 7, do they really care about a human right?

We as a people rely to much on the celebrity to speak for us. The elite wealthy shouldn’t be the ones to determine when an issue determines attention, what hashtag is best and so forth. At some point we as people need to break away from what truly oppresses and violates human rights, no matter the color. No celebrity, corporation should have that much control.

My belief is; the minute someone signs on the dotted line, allowing themselves to be endorsed by a company that oppresses, violates or uses anyone to produce for profit and exploits an issue for gains, that person has compromised themselves somewhere.

We can’t allow standing against injustice, oppression, exploiting issues to become another business and hashtag for profit.

If I’ve upset anyone, I am sorry but I stand by my original post and hope this helps to explain where I’m coming from.

Thank you for reading this and as always I’m open to comments.

2 thoughts on “An explanation

  1. I agee with your position, but sometimes we have to choose our battles, and play the long game, in order to get a little victory, instead or none at all, (hopefully, all those little victories, will win us the battle). Thank you for your courage, to defend the defenseless. I like your site, I am your fan.

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